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Napoleon Propagranda

No description

Tyler Rench

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Napoleon Propagranda

A leader is a dealer of hope
-Napoleon All religions have been made
by men
-Napoleon Four hostile newspapers
are more to be feared than a
thousand bayonets
- Napoleon France has more need of me than I have need of France
- Napoleon Napoleon Bonaparte
Propaganda ~This source describes personal
ideology. This quote states that Napoleon
thought of being a leader was all a lie, and
is meant to trick those who follow him.
This source doesn;t really describe his
personal life style and his reasonings why
he was such a tyrant. ~This describes personal
ideology. This source describes
the thoughts of an ungreatful leader.
This quote can tell us that Napoleon
thought that France would be helpless
without him. This quote doesn't tell
us about why he thought this way. ~This source represents a single
man's personal belief. This source
comes from the perspective of the
"high and mighty" people who show
a lack of relgious faith. This quote shows
us that he wasn't as relgious as his subjects
thought he was. It doesn't provide information
on his battle strategies or the purpose of those
battles ~This source shows Napoleon's
tendancy to make himself "perfect."
This tells us that Napoeleon almost
enjoyed to make himself look better
than everyone else. He would appear
to be rich and good looking, also a great
leader. this source doesn't describe his
personal life, and exactly why he acted
this way. This source describes Napoleon's
fear of the public knowing too much.
It tells you that he thought that the commoners
weren't allowed to know the real truth. It
provides evidence that he did censor the
newpapers, and may have had a sercret police.
It does not tell us what information he was
withholding from the public.
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