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No description

Kelsey Moos

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Witches

The Witches Scene Act IV Scene 1
Katy, Olyvia, Charlene, & Kelsey Character Analysis Overarching
Question Real Life Application Macbeth Open Witches Apparitions Enter Macbeth Explication of Scene Ingredients Extremely angry 1. Beware Macduff 1. Leader Haunted http://shakespeare.about.com/od/macbeth/a/Macbeth_Witches.htm Is it morally right to instill
false confidence even
though it's the truth? Yes: Building confidence
before an event cauldron Chanting Exchange words 2. None of woman born shall harm 3. Great Birnam wood to Dunsinane Exit Witches Witches 2. Energized 3. Most evil http://brittanyashley0.tripod.com/id31.html Research Hyperlink Interesting Facts "Weird sisters" Frantic & Frustrated Invincible No: Harmful to others A Teaching Moment 1. Name 3 items thrown into caldron 2. Why do you think the witches chose Macbeth? 3. If you were Macbeth, would you have trusted the witches/apparitions? Critical Analysis Historical
Relevance Hard to gender
Accompanied by bad weather
Speak in rhyming couplets
Rolled cannon balls under stage
Fireworks created lightning
Used trap doors http://resources.mhs.vic.edu.au/macbeth/historical/backmac.html Wrote Macbeth 1606 King fascinated by witchcraft Greymalkin Paddock Harpier How did we do? THE END Revenge Mystical Loved it! Union of Scottish and English crowns
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