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The University of St Andrews Lean Model: Frameworks, Lean Tools and Techniques, and Lessons Learned. Lean HE Hub Conference, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. 10-11 September 2015

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Lean Team

on 18 July 2016

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Transcript of The University of St Andrews Lean Model: Frameworks, Lean Tools and Techniques, and Lessons Learned. Lean HE Hub Conference, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. 10-11 September 2015

If you do what you've always done,
you'll get what you've always got!
Results reflect quality of Teaching and Research
We needed to get more efficient and effective (and we still do)
Everything can and must get better
It is everyone's job to improve

St Andrews
St Andrews

Oldest university in Scotland and the third oldest in the English-speaking world

University status conferred 28 August 1413 by papal bull of Pope Benedict XIII

In 1773, the university had fewer than 100 pupils, and was in Samuel Johnson's opinion in a steady decline … "pining in decay and struggling for life"

In term time over a third of the town's population is either a staff member or student of the University

So, why do anything?
And ...
Over 90% of students satisfied with the quality of the course

Around 98% of students successfully continue in their studies

Consistently ranked amongst the top universities in the UK

94% of research is internationally recognised; 60% is world leading or internationally excellent
Back in 2005 ...

The Director of Business Improvements attends a Best Practice Club meeting at which National Savings and Investment deliver a presentation about Lean

"Hmmm, this approach could work for St Andrews"

The Quaestor and Factor agreed

There were no specific issues to address
Why Lean?
The University of St Andrews Lean Model:
Frameworks, Lean Tools and Techniques, and Lessons Learned.

Our Lean Journey
Lessons Learned
Change is all around us and change is constant
602 years: 1413 - 2015
Lean is more than RIEs - it is 'how we do things around here'.
Start with a bite sized piece of work that will deliver a quick and significant win.
Only your dedicated Lean Team can deliver your Lean programme.
Actively transfer Lean knowledge to staff as a means of changing organisational culture.
A non-blaming approach is essential - we are where we are.
Senior championship is
Solution giving by the Lean Team reduces the capacity of staff to develop.
The Lean Team must be Lean - in thought and deed.
Take action ...

do something!
A Lean Team provides structure and support to allow staff the room to improve their own areas.
Ownership of process rests with the staff running those process, not with the Lean Team.
Actively seek and secure management buy-in. Without it, your Lean programme will quickly wither.
Action learning is the only way: learning how to facilitate a RIE is not a classroom exercise.
Lean is developmental, and not remedial.
Perseverance, and lots of it: Lean is a long game.
Build constructive inter-personal relationships - mutual trust is essential.
Lean HE Hub Conference, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 10-11 September 2015
Some interesting stuff
6654 UG
727 PG Taught
825 PG Research
26 % Scotland
28 % Rest of UK
13 % EU
15 % USA
1162 Academic/Research
1393 Admin, etc.
The St Andrews Lean Model
Student involvement is essential
Academics are like the rest of us
First steps:
Championed by the Quaestor and Factor
Internal advertisement for 3 secondments
Two organisations tasked with exploring and presenting possibilities
Quaestor and Factor told the University no redundancies
Consultant on site
Week long training, led projects and RIEs

Then what happened?

Tools and Techniques
Get people:
doing things
Putting the new process into place

Begins before the RIE is over

Takes time

Not always easy


Actions completed on time

Barriers to progress overcome

Enthusiasm maintained

Momentum maintained

Issues dealt with immediately

“LEAN is a current programme to improve organisatonal efficiency which seeks to enhance flexibility and reducing duplication in administrative processes, and which seeks to elicit staff involvement to improve the performance of their roles.”
Strategic Plan
Where do you sit?
Current State Mapping
'If you can see it,
you can fix it'
Ideas Generation
Interim State - Future State
Senior Manager Sponsorship
Line Manager commitment
Authority to act
We require:
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