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Photoshop Blend Modes

Describes 4 useful photoshop blend modes.

Stephanie Whealy

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Photoshop Blend Modes

Photoshop Blend Modes
What are they? Photoshop Blend modes are used in
layers to determine how the pixels in
a layer are blended with underlying layers. We will use this picture as
our base layer: We will use this picture as our
Blend layer: The first type of Blend mode we will look at is Multiply. Multiply: multiplies base colors by blend colors
The result of a blend color is always a darker color.
The result of white blend color leaves the base color unchanged. Next is screen. Screen: multiplies the inverse of blend and base colors
the Result is always lighter unless the blend is
black, which leaves the base unchanged. Overlay: for overlay, the base color is mixed with the
blend color to reflect the lightness or darkness
of the original color and finally Soft Light darkens or lightens, depending on the blend color.
If the blend is lighter than 50% grey, the base is lightened.
If darker than 50% grey, the base is darkened. Experiment with these layer blend modes to enhance
your photos!
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