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Future Tenses

No description

Ruth Tynen

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Future Tenses

Future Tenses
Future Plans
Next week is Holy Week
We´re having a party!!
Can you bring something?

Future Simple Clauses
Before He Cheats
When I´m Gone
Until the Day I Die
First Conditional
If you have itchy palms, you will have good luck
If you break a mirror, you will have seven years of bad luck
"Will" for instant decisions
We use the future simple (will + verb) to talk about plans we haven´t thought about previously
I´ve got a great idea!
I´ll bring the
"Going to" for intentions
The auxiliary verb
"be going to" is used to
talk about plans for the
future that you´ve already
thought about
Next Monday: "Okay, everyone, remember I´m going to make the cookies!"
Present continuous for arrangements
We use the present continuous to talk about
plans in the very near future, that we have already
talked about or made preparations for
I´m bringing cookies to the class
party tomorrow!
She will get wet
She´s going to get wet
Predictions: Will vs. going to
Look at those clouds! It´s going to snow!
It will snow this year at Christmas!
We use "going to" when
we have a reason for making
the prediction
We use "will" when we are talking about what we think
Do you think you will...
live abroad?
get married?
own your own home?
do a PhD?
play a sport professionally?

run your own business?
write a book?
design your own website?
win the lottery?

enter into politics?
travel around the world?
run a marathon?
appear on television?
learn to fly an airplane?
0% I certainly
It´s unlikely
that I will
50% I might
75% I probably will
100% I definitely will
I´m going to...
Take a literature class in the UNED in January
Use "going to" to talk about previous plans
Talking about the future
1) Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future?
2) How different will your city be in the year 2035?
3) How would you describe your city in 2035?
4) What will be better and what will be worse then?
5) Do you think robots will be common in 2035?
6) What tasks will robots have?
7) Will life be better if humans share their space with robots?
8) Would you like to have a personal robot to help/protect you?
What´s the probability that...?
A cure for cancer will be found?
A new form of energy will be found?
English will become the world language?
newspapers will be replaced by the Internet?
teachers will become obsolete?
human beings will travel to Mars or beyond?
we will live in a virtual world?
we will travel in time?
we will have a paperless office?
computer will be more intelligent than man?
we will be hit by a giant asteroid?
When + present tense = The Future
As soon as
As soon as:
To emphasize immediacy
My feet hurt! As soon as I get home...
I´ll respond to your email as soon as....
After: when one action follows another
After I eat lunch this afternoon....

I´ll buy a new car after...
There´s no way!
It´s highly unlikely
There´s a fifty-fifty chance
The odds are that...
It´s sure to...
Complete these sentences for you
As soon as I get home today, I...
Before I go to bed tonight, I...
After I finish this course, I...
I want to study English until...
When I retire, I reckon...
Finish the superstition
If a bird poops on your house...
If a bee enters your house...
...you will be kissed by a fool
...your significant other will cheat on you
First conditional superstitions
If a bird poops on your house, you will become rich

If a bee enters your house, you will have a visitor

If your nose itches, a fool will kiss you

If you drop scissors, your significant other will cheat on you
If / Unless
If + negative statement = Unless + positive statement
If + positive statement = Unless + negative statement
If you don´t believe, you will never understand
I cannot sleep if I´m not surrounded by books
Nobody will believe in you unless you believe in yourself
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