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Beowulf: A Hero's Journey

No description

Greer Davis

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Beowulf: A Hero's Journey

Beowulf: A Hero's Journey
1. Limited awareness of problem- ordinary world
Beowulf lives in his homeland, Geatland.
2. Increased Awareness- Call to Adventure
2. Cont.
Beowulf volunteers to fight the monster Grendel
3. Reluctance to change- Refusal of the call

Beowulf never refuses to fight Grendel or Grendel's mother. This step of the monomyth is no followed.

4. Overcoming Reluctance- Meeting with the Mentor

Beowulf doesn't have to overcome reluctance, but at one point he does express that killing the monster's might be hard.
5. Committing to change- Crossing the Threshold
5. Cont.

Beowulf arrives at Denmark
6. Experimenting with first change
-Tests, Allies, & Enemies

Beowulf has an issue with Unferth because Unferth is jealous he couldn't kill Grendel.
Beowulf's allies are all his fellow men who traveled with him.
7. Preparing for a big change- Approach the inmost cave
Beowulf doesn't really prepare for battle. He waits in Herot for Grendel to come.

8. Attempting a big chance- ordeal

Beowulf fights Grendel and wins. After his victory he will literally approach the inmost cave to fight Grendel's Mother.
7a. Cont.

Though Beowulf doesn't prepare for the fight with Grendel, he does prepare for the battle with Grendel's mother. Beowulf puts on his armor and makes the journey to the cave

9. Consequences of the attempt- improvements & setbacks
Beowulf wins the fights and brings back the heads of both monsters as trophies.

10. Re-dedication to change- road back
Beowulf doesn't rededicate to change, however he does return home.
11. Final attempt at a big change- Resurrection
Beowulf battles the Dragon that is terrorizing his people. This battle is his final attempt to show and prove his strength and to protect his people.
12. Final Mastery of the Problem- Return with the Elixir
Beowulf fights with the dragon and technically wins. However Beowulf dies even with Wiglaf's help.
All of the gold is won, but Wiglaf leaves all the gold with Beowulf in the tower built for him.
The Hero
Beowulf is the hero in this epic poem.

He is significant and gloried, on a quest, has superhuman strength, risks death for glory, performs brave needs and is a strong leaders; all of which are conventions of the Epic Hero.
Hrothgar can be seen as both the Herald and the Mentor.

The Herald ignites the hero's journey. The Mentor provides motivation and insight. Hrothgar provides insight on Grendel
Threshold Guardians
Beowulf encounters threshold guardians when he arrives at Denmark. There are Danish soldiers at the perimeter who question Beowulf's identity.
The trickster is someone who makes us laugh or is funny.

They also like to change the status quo.

There is no one like that in Beowulf.
Shape Shifter
A shape shifter is a character whose assistance isn't clear. They keep you on the edge.
This character is not in Beowulf.
A shadow is the opposite of a hero and creates conflict.
Grendel, Grendel's Mother and the Dragon all do this.
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Greer Davis
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