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What U.S city zip code has the first 5 digits of pi?

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Austin Bean

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of What U.S city zip code has the first 5 digits of pi?

What U.S city zip code has the first 5 digits of pi?
Four letters with rotational symmetry!
What state tried to legislate a value for pi?
Nine advertisements which use circles or in their name or logo.
two cities that have reference to something circular.
Round Rock, Texas
Cannonball, North Dakota
5 sports that involve something circular.
three famous people with the birthday of march,14.
Albert Einstein,Stephen Curry,Billy Crystal.
Five movie titles that reference to something circular
Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, Lord of the Rings, Dodgeball, Holes,Around the world in 80 days.
Eight types of candies that our circular
Resses,Skittles,lollipops,peppermint swirls,M&M's,Rolo's,Gumballs,Whoppers
nine song titles that reference to something circular
American pie,Circle of life,Ring of fire,Circle song,Round and round,Full circle,Circle the drain,Circle of power,Cherry pie.
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