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A brief lesson on the rhetorical mode (mode of discourse) Narrative.

Erik Armstrong

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Narrative

Background The middle part of the story is where the plot thickens:
Rising Action
Character Development This is where the story wraps up. This point of the story is the conclusion, and it often includes:
Falling Action
A moral or lesson learned? Narrative An Introduction to Story Telling Middle Beginning End The Basics: 1. Beginning
2. Middle
3. End WHEN does the story take place?
HOW did the events of this story come about? Establish the world of your story:
Introduce Conflict Characters: WHO is the story following? Who are these guys? Setting: WHERE does the story take place? Conflict: WHAT is this story about? The beginning of the story will introduce your readers to the conflict / issue at stake in the story. All these require detail and description and explanation. Climax is THE main event. All the struggle has been leading to this point. Rising Action are the smaller, supporting events that help get your characters--and your readers!--to the climax. SHOW NOT TELL! These events must be focused (vital to the main conflict), and they must be well-developed so that your readers can see it happening in their minds. These events WILL change your characters. Through events in our lives (conflict!) we develop and change who we are, so too must your characters. Resolution:

There should be a reason for telling / listening to the story. What have you learned from these events?

What should your readers take away from this story? What should they learn?

Why is this story important for other people to read? The Goal:

A well-told story that teaches you something and that teaches your readers something--a story worth listening to.
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