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No description

mayra fonseca

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Mr.Martinez

I will miss the attention that you give us.
-Yesly Mancias I'll miss you, you were very nice!
-Blanca Arroyo I remeber the time you spoke to us in AVID, and you seem very determined.
-Kelly Nguyen I'll miss your jokes.
-Karla Ponce I will miss the way you talked to us.
-Maria R. Mr. Martinez you are awsome for being our principal.
-Michelle Ortiz Mr. Martinez you are super cool and pretty nice.Next year I hope to have a principal like you.
-David Banks Mr. Martinez your really cool and diffrent from all my other principals!
-Jessica D. I'll miss all your inspireing speeches.
-Melissa R. You are the man behind all, cool, quiet but you get things done thats awesome.
-Lacarol Baynes Mr. Martinez you are sincerly loyal to us AVID students.
-Jose Ramirez Mr. Martinez you are very outgoing with all the hard work you do.
-Jose Garza Never give up on your dreams. You should go to Cy Lakes!
-EJ You work very hard to make sure we do our best!
-Mayra Fonseca Success is always within your reach.
-Trinelle Richards As we move on in life we are forced to leave some friends behind and make new ones. You sir will not be forgotten!
-Angie Ardilla Do your best, forget the rest!
-Arturo V You always belive in us.
-Marco A Unforgetable Outstanding Adventures AWESOME!!! Stupendus You're a mentor. If you can belive in me, then so can I. Indsecribable Outgoing Amazing Funny Cool Loyal Trust worthy Excellent Role model Playful Couragous Reliable determined Interesting Impecable Creative Out of all my principals I have had, your the best. -Janari You are so supportive about the AVID program! -Yamelie You have been the best principal that I've ever had. -Kayline Your the best! -Dayana You are the nicest principal! -Leslie B. You are so helpfull -Mary Your so beast! :D -Karla L. You are really cool and supportive =) -April R. You are so devoted and lighthearted! - Yanail You are awesome. -Jose Bacilio Your the best!
-Thomas Serrano You have given us the best school year!
-Estefani Cruz Your the coolest principal.
- Stephanie Sandoval Youre so awsome and fun you run our school great!
-Sarah S Your amazing at helping out AVID! -Megan L I hope youll never stop being our principal!
-Mony Lopez You are an amazing principal with a great personality.
-Lauren Axel Thank you for helping us get the tutors back!
-Zulema Thanks for supporting our AVD class.
-Valerie Torres Best principal ever!!!
-Angel Muniz You really helped us during the tutoring struggle, thank you.
-Miriam Gomez Thank you for helping this school get a better education.
-Sania Saleem You have really helped all of us learn and become better people.
-Patricia Thank you Mr. Martinez for making our school grow smart and strong
- Adriana Torres Thank you Mr. Martinez for being a great leader.
-Genesis Sifuentes Thank you Mr. Martinez for helping us get the money for tutoring.
-Alondra Cuevas Im glad you are our principal Mr. Martinez you helped us alot this year.
-Salma Reya You are an awesome principal, you manage the school well.
-Barbara Flores Thank you for being a great principal and finding more money for our tutors.
-Giovan Rodriguez You are a cool principal! - Meslisa
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