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Summary of the first day

No description

nick mancini

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Summary of the first day

Gallipoli assignment
5 Personal profils
Age: 50 born: 1865 died: 1951. He was in charge of the ANZAC's on the first day. At the end of the first day he wanted to evacuate the troops but the order was refused.

william riddell birdwood diary: The boats have missed there bearings getting us into harder country. Our troops have already created a milatary record.
John Rutherford Gordon
Age: 20 Born: 1895 died: 1983

Very little was known about him, but he was a privet in the 9th battalion.

Four hours laying in the sun listening to bullets go past me waiting to be hit.... The turks started using shrapnels. He was the only one alive out of many people next to him.
Aubrey H Darnell
Age: 29 Born: 1886 died: 1918

Born in dublin ireland, he died of wounds. He was in the first wave. He was involved in the fight at russel's top.

We paddled for our life to shore it seemed for ever. When we reached it we jumped out into waist deep water with 80 pound backpacks. It was aweful with all the cries for ammo and stretcher for the corpses.
Summary of the first day
It was early that morning in the dark when the ships arrived, they got off the big boats and onto little rafts towed by steam boats. As they headed to shore the boats crossed. As they got to the shore one of the steam boats let of a spark which let off their position, the Turk’s then started shooting cannons down to the shore were the boat let off the spark and killed many people. They headed up the mountin to gain ground which they did good. The soldiers kept gaining lots of ground and killing terk's at there bases.

William riddell birdwood
My thoughts

If i was in these situations i would have been pretty scared and sad seeing all my mates dying next to me. It would have been aweful!
Ahmet mucip
Age: He was 20 years old in 1915

He was in the southen side of there
defense line, he took command when
major halis was wounded.

Hundreds of British soldiers lied there on
our land with there eyes closed never to
be open again, in there blood stained
Age: 17 Born: 1898 died: late 1980's

He was intervied by Harvey Broadbanet for ABC in 1985. He says in his interview there was a man from his village the was killed and replaced, this other guy tryed driving them into the sea, he killed 5 englishmen with a shovel.
Lee Enfields rifle
Weight: 3.96 kg. maximum range: 1600m

It had a bayonet with a 43cm blade. when the anzac's landed at anzac cove the bayonet was not on the barrel of the gun because it was cramped on the boat and the could have wounded the own soldiers.
Landing boats.
These boat were the ones that the anzacs used to get to shore. They were carried on a bigger boat and lifted out before they reached the shore. They were pulled by stream boats which were towed behind the battle ships. These boats also had rubber oars which made it silent to paddle.
Maschinengewehr model 09
This wepon needed 2 men to operate. It had a range od 3658m. it was a very high powered wepon. These wepons were used against the Australian troops in Gallipoli. They stood on a tripod.
My thoughts on this wepon is scary. I would hate to be running towards. this wepon trying to capture ground. If you got hit you would be shreded to peices..
I would of hated to be on these boats with
Heaps of men and a battle going on with bombs and gun shots, they didnt look like the best boat to be on.
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