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Museum Exhibit

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lib hist

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of Museum Exhibit

Museum Exhibit
By Alice Draper, Isabel Pliska, Carson Caso, and Thomas Kling
Places to Go
Francisco Pizarro
Bartolome de Las Casas
Jacques Cartier
Ferdinand Magellan
Leif Eriksson
Prince Henry
Christoper Columbus
Francisco Pizarro
heard rumors of the Inca cities in the Andes of South America
Pizarro had fewer than 400 men in his army, and weapons
Incas has no weapons but more men
Pizarro and his men captured and killed Inca leaders
By the year 1534 Pizarro and native american allies controlled the entire Inca empire
Bartolome de Las Casas
said Spanish should try to convert Native Americans to Christianity by love, gentleness, and kindness
Spanish monarchs agreed but didn't always follow new laws
Jacques Cartier
French sailor, led Frances nest major exploration to north America
Sailed into Saint Lawrence River and traveled all the way into present-day Montreal, claiming the land as France.
Ferdinand Magellan
Portuguese navigator
Set out with Spanish fleet to sail sown the east coast of South America
Sailed around the south tip of the continent and into the Pacific
Killed by natives in battle
lost 3 ships but crew continued and became the first to circumnavigate
Leif Eriksson
In the year 1000 he set out to Greenland from West Norway, but winds blew him off course and ended up in North America
Eriksson and his crew landed on Labrador in present day Canada
He sailed farther south to present day New England
Eriksson settled on the coastal area he called Vinland, but soon left after several attacks
Vikings returned to North America
Prince Henry
responsible for advances that made explorations more successful
built an observatory,founded a navigation school, and financed research for mapmakers and shipbuilders
Paid for expeditions to explore the West Coast of Africa
Christopher Columbus
Believed he found a new route to Asia, but landed on the Bahamas
Thought he reached a new continent named "San Salvador" , but reached America
Discovered new plants,animals, and spices
Exploration created a conflict between European countries, fighting over land
Changed the way Europeans thought of the world
Who: Leif Eriksson
loved adventure
sailed from west Norway to Greenland when strong winds blew his ship off coarse and carried his ship to the North American Coast
Who: Christoper Columbus
tried to find a new route to Asia by sailing west across the Atlantic ocean
Who: Ferdinand Magellan
Sailed around South America, then around the world
Enabled navigators to learn ships locations by charting there positions of the stars
Made it possible to travel seas without landmarks to guide ships
New ship that used triangular sails, unlike traditional square sails
Allowed ships to sail against the wind
By placing rudders at the back of the ship, steering was improved
Printing Press
Machine that produces printed copies
Mainly used in typing/printing bibles
Who: Jacques Cartier
major expedition to North America
traveled all the way into present day Montreal and claimed land for France
Who: Marco Polo
Went in search of father and uncle
wrote a book about his travels which inspired others
Who: Bartolomew Dias
Led expedition from Portugal southward along african coast
storm blew ships to southern tip of Africa )cape of good hope)
went back to portugal due to lack of supplies
Who: Vasco de Gama
King Manuel of Portugal sent Vasco De Gama on Expedition around Coast of good hope July 1497
arrived in India next year
Who: Vaso De Gama
King Manuel of Portugal sent him on expedition around Cape of Good Hope July 1497
arrived in India the next year

The Magnetic Compass
was another advancement and it was used to know your directions.
North, South, East, and West.
Navigators used this to know what direction they were going so they wouldn't get lost.
The Rounded Hull
the smooth rounded hull used to handle high seas.
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