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Into The Wild Connections

No description

Brendan Buckley

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Into The Wild Connections

Chapter 3 "Carthage"
Chis meets Wayne Westerberg and finds a new family in Carthage South Dakota.
Chapter 4 "Detritl Wash".
Chris abandons his car and then canoes into Mexico and abandons his canoe after a storm that scared him strait.
Chapter 5 "Bullhead City".
Met Jan Burres and working at McDonalds to earn money for his trip to the Alaskan Wilderness.
Chapter 6 "Anza-Borrego
This is when McCandles met Rondald Franz.
Chapter 1 "The Alaska Interior"
Chris encounters Jim Gallion who sends him off into the Alaskin Wilderness..

“I'll be fine with what i got” (Krauker 6).

Jim Gallion

“There was just no talking this guy out of it” (Krauker 6).

Gallien sends Chris out into the wild helping the most he can.

“Gallion reached behind the seat, pulled out an old pair of socks and your feet ought to stay halfway warm and dry” (Krauker 7).
Chris McCandles
"Written across the last two pages of a field guide to edible plants ---that recorded the young mans final weeks” (Krauker 13).
“S.O.S I NEED YOUR HELP” (Krauker 12).
Chris writes an S.O.S note.
Chris is found dead in the Alaskan Wilderness by adventures traveling to the bus.
Ronald begins to see Chris as his own son.
”When Franz met McCandless, his long dormant paternal impulses were kindled anew” (Krakauer 50).
Chapter 2 "The Stampede Trail"
Chris was found dead in the Alaskan wilderness.
”Chris McCandles had been dead for two and a half weeks” (Krauker 13).
Final entries from Chris' life.
Chris believes his parents are trying to bride him by buying him a car.
”I can’t believe they try'd and buy me a car” (Krakauer 21).
Chris completely separates himself from his family.
"He never explained why he’d changed his name, From things he said you could tell something wasn't right between him and his family” (Krakauer 18).
Chris gets a successful job on Wayne Westerbergs farm.
”I’ve given jobs to lots of hitchhikers over the years, most of them weren’t much good, didn’t really want to work. It was a different story with Alex. He was the hardest worker I’ve ever seen” (Krakauer 18).
Chris' car is found and used to catch Criminals by the local police.
"Put a few bucks of gas in the thing, and it will go all day. Real reliable.
I kind of wondered why nobody ever showed up to reclaim it” (Krakauer 27).
Chris begins to get lost in a series of canals in Mexico while trying to get to the coast.
”Canals breaks off in a multitude of directions . Alex is dumbfounded” (Krakauer 34).
Chris' jubilation is brought down as he comes to the realization that he may not be as close to accomplishing his goal as he originally thought.
”At last! Alex finds what he believes to be the Wellteco canal and heads south. Worries and fears return, as the canal grows ever smaller” (Krakauer 35).
Chris declares his new life with a new name Alexander Supertramp.
”All hail the Dominant Primordial Beast! and Captain Ahab Too! Alexander Supertramp” (Krakauer 38).
Chris' new temporary city of Bullhead.
"Bullhead city is a community in the oxymoronic, late-twentieth century idiom. Lacking a discernible center, the town exists as a haphazard sprawl of subdivisons and strip malls streching for eight or nine miles along the bank of the colorado” (Krakauer 39).

Chris stood out to Franz.
"I thought he was too nice a kid to be living by that hot spring with those nudists and drunks and dope smokers” (Krakauer 51).
Ronald officially welcomes Chris as his own.
”When i’m gone, my family will be finished, gone forever. So i asked Alex if i could adopt him, if he would be my grandson” (Krakauer 55).
Chapter 7

Chris went back to visit Westerberg, then Wayne go t arrested by the FBI.
Chris became part of the family of Carthage.
”He was a big eater. Never left any food on his plate. Never. He was a good cook, too” (Krakauer 63).
This gave Chris time to reflect on his life and wonder about the way he wants to live it.
”Alex wasn’t a total space cadet or anything, don’t get me wrong. But there was gaps in his thinking” (Krakauer 63).
Chapter 8 "Alaska".
People reflect how Chris changed their lives in the past.
People criticized Chris for being unprepared for his adventure into the Alaskan Wilderness..
"One reader of the Outside peace wondered, ‘Why wouldn’t anyone intending to ‘live off the land for a few months’ forget Boy Scout rule number one: Be Prepared?” (Krakauer 71).
Rosellini is very similar to Chris McCandless in his method and reasons for adventure.
“Rosellini appeared to accept the failure of his hypothesis with equanimity” (Krakauer 75).

McCandless had a huge fascination with nature.
“McCandless was a seeker and had an impractical fascination nation with the harsh side of nature.” (Krakauer 85).
Chapter 9 "Davis Gultch".
Many adventures such as McCandless and Ruess are recognized by other people.
“I happened to strike up a conversation about Ruess with the middle-aged pump attendant, a small, twitchy man with flecks of Skoal staining the corners of his mouth" (Krauker 95).
Krauker compares Evert and Chris.
”At eighteen, in a dream he saw himself plodding through jungles, chinning up the ledges of cliffs" (Krakauer 90).
Krauker Compares Chris to Ruess.
“Ruess was just as romantic as McCandless, if not more so, and equally heedless of personal safety” (Krakauer 92).
Kraukeur compares McCandless to other adventures.
Chapter 10 "Fairbanks"
Chris' family became aware of is death.
Sam, Chris' cousin, was able to determine that the John Doe was Chris.
"I was pretty sure it was Chris. The fact that he’d gone to Alaska, that he’d gone off by himself-it all added up” (Krakauer 101).
Sam breaks the news to Chris' parents with massive sorrow.
"I didn’t know what I was going to say. How do you tell someone that their child is dead?” (Krakauer 102).
Chapter 11 "Chesapeake Beach"
Chris' family reacts to the news of Chris' death.
Mr. McCandles expresses his sorrow about Chris' death.
"how is it, that a kid with so much
compassion, could cause is parents so much pain” (Krakauer 104).

Chris' grandpa helps him fall in love with the wilderness, although he limits him.
the route above looks slabby, exposed, dangerous.
But Chris wanted to keep going to the top. I told him no way. He was only 12 then, so all he could do was complain" (Krakauer 109).

Chapter 12 "Annandale".
Chris growing up as a kid before leaving for college and starting his adventures.
Chris grew up with the spoils of life.
”Walt and Billie made his entire childhood seem like a fiction” (Krakauer 123).
Chris' opinion on people he met.
”Curiously, Chris didn't hold everyone to the same exacting standards. One of the individuals he professed to admire greatly over the last two years of him life was a heavy drinker and incorrigible philanderer" (Krakauer 118).
Chapter 13 "Virginia Beach".
Chris' relationship with his dog.
Chris asked to take buck with him which may have changed his fate since his family knew he wouldn't put Buck in danger.

”After he graduated from Emory, he asked mom and dad if he could come get buck” (Krakauer 128).
Chris took great liking to hi dog Buck.
”Chris was crazy about buck” (Krakauer 128).
Chapter 14/15 "The Stikine Ice Cap"
Krakauer compares himself to Chris McCandless.
Krakauers' childhood was very similar to Chris'.
“As a youth, I am told, I was willful, self absorbed, intermittently reckless, moody, I disappointed my father in the usual ways. Like McCandless” (Krakauer 144).
Krakauer faced similar life threatening situations and survived only by chance where McCandless didn't.
”In truth my escapade on the north face had rattled me, and i didn't want to go up the thumb again” (Krakauer 146).
The similarities between Chris' and Krakauers' adventures.
"(at such moments something resembling happiness actually stirs in your chest, but it isnt the sort of emotion you want to lean on very hard)” (Krakauer 145).
Chapter 16 "The Alaskan Interior"
Chris first encounters Galien and goes into the wilderness.
Chris had trouble getting a ride to Alaska.
"When he finished bathing and attempted to catch another ride north, however, he discovered that his luck had changed” (Krakauer 158).
Chris finally made it to the Alaskan WIlderness.
”The boy could hardly contain his
excitement. He was at long last, about to
be alone in the vast Alaskan
wild.” (Krakauer 162)
Chapter 17/18 "The Stampede Trail".
Reasons for why Chris went off into the wilderness, from Krakauers' perspective.
Chris was actuly more prepared then it seemed in Krakauers opinion.
”It would be easy to stereotype Christopher McCandless as another boy who felt to much, a loopy young man who read to many books and lacked even a modicum of common sense. But the stereotype isn’t a good fit” (Krakauer 184).
Krakauer goes to the bus to see where Chris died.
"I want to visit the bus, i want to see where McCandless died, to better understand why” (Krakauer 173).

BMS Sprirt Quest.
Brendan's Connections.
I'm an independent person and i make my own path just like Chris.
Chris reminds me from the main character in the movie 180 Degrees South because they both follow their dreams to extreme places.
Tommy's Connections.
I'm not a follower and do what i think is right, just how Chris chose to live his life
McCandless is a lot like Henry David Thoreau by that they both lived in the woods for an extended period of time and became one with nature.
Thad from BMS went on a mind cleansing spiritual enlightenment just like Chris was enlightened by nature.
Chris is a lot like people from the T.V. show Survivor where people change their lives by spending a month in the wilderness.
I can also connect the book "The Richest Man In Babylon" by that both main characters find a way to change their lives for the better.
I feel more satisfied getting things by working for them instead of just being given them which is exactly how Chris feels.
The creators from North face and Patagonia go down to Patagonia, which is in Chile, and climb a mountain called the North face, now they both are successful. This similar to Chris' journey where he found a new outlook on life just like these founders.
Jack LOndon had similar dreams to Chris but instead of acting on them like Chris ck wrote about them in the book "Call to the Wild".
In the Spongebob the movie he goes off in a journey to become a man, just like Chris.
IN the Final episode of the T.V. show House, the main character pretends to commit suicide he could go live out the rest of his life with his friend. Just how Chris escapes society.
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