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Introduction to Fire Engineering

Uphaar Cinema , New Delhi A Case Study

prateek nyati

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Introduction to Fire Engineering

A Case Study Uphaar Cinema Fire incident , New Delhi Introduction Reasons For Fatalities Fire Event Time line Aftermath The Uphaar Cinema fire, one of the worst fire tragedies in Indian history, occurred on Friday, June 13, 1997 at Uphaar Cinema, Green Park, Delhi, during the premiere screening of the movie, Border. 59 persons died and 103 seriously injured in the fire tragedy including one-month-old Chetan Sudan, the youngest victim. Lessons 1. Escape gates should have been left fully broad rather than adding one more box reducing its width from 3'80" to 1'10"
2. Self closing duct system installation would have saved lives.
3. Proper electrical connection setup, especially involving high power input, should be properly checked.
4. There must be at least 1.25m clearance around the transformer in enclosed room.

IS 1886/1967 and IS10028 of 1981 rules
IS 1886/1967 Reasons for fire escalation The transformer socket was fixed by hammering not crimping.
Oil spilled from the transformer and caught fire.
The fire eventually spread from parking to theatre via stairwells
The cables lying on the surface were not even covered with sand or with non-flammable slabs.
Timber flooring.
Report PW35/A says fire and smoke were spread through air conditioning system
None of HT board panels were having any protection relay system. During the screening, the lights went off twice before the interval.
1000 kVA electricity transformer housed in the theater’s basement car park, burst.
It was then that the lights went off and smoke rose before the screen.
20 cars out of 36 were blown.
People ran and tried to push open the balcony door but couldn't. however, they managed to push open the door facing the canteen
At least 48 fire tenders were present for service
It took them over an hour to put out the fire.
Dead and the injured were taken to nearby (AIIMS) and Safdarjung Hospital Movie was not stopped neither any announcement was made.
Exit Signs were not battery operated
Stampede increased fatality
Late arrival of fire department officials
Many of the exits were blocked by seats. 7 AM : A small fire had earlier broke out
10:30 to 11:30 AM : Repair work was carried out by Dehli Electric Supply Undertaking.
11:30 AM : Transformer was started again.
3 to 6 PM : Border to be screened.
5 PM: At Interval intermission oil leaked from transformer and Big explosion took place
5.20 PM : Fire tenders were pressed into service.
It took them over an hour to put out the fire.
Later the dead and the injured were rushed to the nearby (AIIMS) and Safdarjung Hospital. 59 people died and 103 seriously injured.
The court case ran for over a decade, and the court had over 344 hearings during the first seven years. Four of the accused died
12 people were found guilty under negligent act.
Kins of victims were paid compensation of rs 7.5-18 lakhs.
Story The space provided for exhaust fans on the walls was found blocked.
The fire exits were locked.
Transformer was not properly repaired in the morning, hencethe fire took place the management used the defective transformer and run away after fire took place.
Lack of trauma centers.
13th June 1997 A small ignorance led to a big disaster!! L
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