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Romeward bound

No description

Evan Smith

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Romeward bound

Romeward Bound
don't forget
your passport
Pack light and
stay happy
I'm so dead, but I'm
staying up ALL DAY!
to reset my circadian
rhythms with a fresh
squirt of melatonin
from my pineal
gland. Yeah science!
I can't believe we're here!
so happy!
pack light and
we can pass
baggage claim
We're on the bus to Dulles!
Leaving from the HS!
Stay awake on the bus so you won't miss the Aurelian Walls
When on the metro, stay with the group. We'll walk about 12 miles a day, so you won't be riding it that much.
The Monti rione, neighborhood of the "mountains," was ancient Rome's slum. Here was born and lived Julius Caesar. Here Nero built his pleasure palace, dubbed the "Domus Aurea" for the obscene amounts of gilding of his domed rooms, and just down the street still stands the Flavian Amphitheater, better known as the Colosseum.
From the airport
we'll take a
private bus
to our abode,
a convent in
the Monti.
The Monti
We'll drop off our bags
and jump into the city,
and our exploration of
this amazingly old
and new jumble of life will
be off and running.
I'm soooo tired!
shut up! That's the colosseum, and I'm soooo happy.
It's the
What IS
oooh, a horsey
Wife: "Whoa, honey, look at that, a 1,882 year old temple-turned-Christian-church with the remains of Raphael and Vittorio Emanuele, the first king of a united Italy, inside."

Husband: "I know and it has the largest spanning unreinforced concrete vault in the world."

Vittorio (not the king) Sartorelli: "And the best espresso in Rome is just around the corner!"
hey, Saint Peter, let us in!
The world's largest Catholic church is located in the world's smallest country, created by the Fascist leader Mussolini in 1927, and named after the vates, the soothsayers who gave their name to the Vatican hill that Constantine leveled to build the shrine to St. Peter on this spot. Odd as it may seem, this is not the official church of the Pope of Rome. Hmm...guess we'll have to find out where that is.
don't dress
like this.
you'll be too
hot, ok.
dress like this. Hat.
Sunglasses. Small bag.
Light clothing. Shorts are
a little too short for
churches. Well-soled sandals.
Open-toed shoes are fine, but
flipflops will only cause pain.

n.b. I am not touching the
artifact. I'm not doing anything
goofy. Either can lead to
expulsion from a church or a
"Please, in the church with the right clothes"

Keep shoulders covered.
Wear t-shirts but avoid the
crew collars or spaghetti-strapped

Keep the shorts around knee-length.

Lady guards tend to go after girls and
to be more strict about them.
What about food?
And don't forget to do silly reenactments
whenever you can -- just not in churches or next
to monuments
Me can haz sumtingz to relax now?
and more
but no wine.
You drink wine,
I send you jome...
that's a jota.
Rome at night -- we'll
be seeing plenty of it.
This is Flora, goddess of
spring and flowers, and
she's our guide:
we'll be going through
Rome and picking different
things from different ages,
because Rome is inexhaustible.
Who knows what will strike
your fancy...
Maybe it will be
a 2,000-year-old plate
commemorating Rome's
victory over Pyrrhus with
him elephants...
...Or the oculus
of the Pantheon...
...or the amazing contrast of ancient
and modern that is Rome, for
around every corner,
in every piazza,
before every palazzo,
under the cupola of no matter what church
...time folds in on itself in Rome
This is where we'll be staying
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