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Famous Scientists

No description

Heat Phil

on 7 September 2014

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Transcript of Famous Scientists

Famous Scientists
Louis Pasteur
Parts of a Microscope
Pasteurized Milk
Fleming in his lab
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Birthplace of Hooke
Freshwater, Isle of Wright, England
Alexander Fleming
Robert Hooke
Delft, The Netherlands
Birthplace of Van Leeuwenhoek
Anton Leeuwenhoek
After watching the video, answer the following:
1. What did he discover?
2. Why do you think he's a "Way Cool" scientist?
After reading the article, answer the following questions:
1. When and where was he born?
2. How did he make a good impression at Westminister School?
3. What was the name of his book?
4. When did he die?
5. Why was he considered a Way Cool Scientist?
1. Why should he be known for more than his work with milk?
2. What is his major contribution to science?
3. Why should he be considered a Way Cool scientist?
1. What did he discover?
2. How did he discover it?
3. Why is he considered a Way Cool scientist?
If you had to pick a scientist out of the four you just learned about, which one would you consider the most important and why?
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