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The Amazing Water Cycle

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on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of The Amazing Water Cycle

The Amazing Water Cycle
By Elvin Estrada, Andy Roldan, Brissa Gramajo, Jayson Cativo

We worked individually and we did research on the water cycle. Then, we got into our groups and we shared our information with each other.These Prezi slides will help you understand the water cycle.
We know that there are 6 main stages in the water cycle.
Water Cycle
One stage is precipitation.Precipition : When the clouds from the sky have to much water to hold, then droplets drop from the sky as rain, sleet, hail, or snow.

We know that there is evaporation, condensation, precipitation, ground water, transporation, and runoff. We know that 10% of evaporation is from plants. Without the water cycle we cant live. We also know that precipitation can be rain, sleet, hail, or snow.
Water Cycle
Condensation:occurs when the water vapor in the air cools down and turns into tiny water droplets of liquid.
Evaporation:is when the suns heat turns water into a gas.
Transporation: Is when water from leaves and stems of plants evaporate.
Ground Water:Is all the water that has the Earths surface, and is found in two soil layers.Sometimes it increases and decreases a flooding.
Runoff: Is the movement of land water to the oceans, chiefly in the form of rivers, lakes, and streams.

Without one part of the water cycle, the water cycle will not function, which means we wont live or survive.
Can the water cycle begin at any stage ?
The Water Cycle doesnt
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