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Kosovo War

No description

isiah hunter

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Kosovo War

Kosovo War
Path to War
during the Cold War, Yugoslavia had consisted of six republics Croatia , Bosnia, Macedonia,Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia also including the semi - independent provinces of Vojvodina and Kosovo
After the cold war and later the death of marshal tito the country broke a part and that led to Slovenia, Croatia,Macedonia, and Bosnia declaring independence in 1991
Later Milosevic becomes leader of the serbian communist party, and eventually becomes president of the republic of Serbia
the KLA formed to spereate Kosovo from Yugoslavia
so with the support of Yugoslavian president Slobodan Milosevic Serbs in Kosovo rebelled against the predominantly Albanian Muslim majority and took power he also put troops in Croatia and Bosnia
fighting began from all sides and thats when ethic cleansing became know so in result Nato step in
KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army ) was a group that formed in 1991 was a ethinc - Albanian group with the purpose of separation Kosovo from Yugoslavi
Evan the group was formed in 1991 the KLA launched it campaign in 1995 and attack serbian law enforcement and in June 1996 KLA sabotage Kosovo police staitons
in 1997 KLA obtain a huge amount of weapons due to the Albanian collapse and attacked Yugoslavian authorities in Kosovo which resulted in an increase of serb troops and stated to attack KLA advocates this lead in to a fight with 1,500-2,000 Kla and civilians dead
after an attempt diplomatice solution NATO justified the campaing in Kosovo as a Humanitarian war
NATO posed against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and started aerial bombardment
NATO Objective
wanted An end to all military action,Withdrawal of all military, from Kosovo,Stationing of UN peacekeeping presence in Kosovo,and safe return of all refugees
This was one of the first times that NATO used military force without the permission of the UN Security council
This act ended the war, resulting in kosovo separation and the joining of the the United Nations ending the influence of Communism
Path to Peace
Milosevic agrees to remove serbian troops from kosovo
Kumanovo treaty

end the conflict between Yugoslavia forces and Nato
Allowed Nato to use force to maintain secure A.S.Z and the G.S.Z. safety zone.
UN resolution 1244
Authorized an international and militray presence in Kosovo
Kosovo War
Started in February 28 1998 - June 11 1999
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia vs Kosovo Liberation and later NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization )
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