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My Fictional Marine Creature

A Creature That I Created For My Marine Biology Class

Matt Hartman

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of My Fictional Marine Creature

By Matt The Bloodsucking Sneekle Its Habitat The bloodsucking sneekle is a Remarkable Creature. One example of this is its ability to live in multiple parts of the ocean, Whether it's the Photic zone, Twilight zone, or the freezing Midnight zone the sneekle will be able to sustain life. Seven processes of its life As you can see, the sneekle is a very real creature, equipped with the seven processes of life, but just to prove it to you i will list all of its life abilities. 1. Its ability to gain nutrients: the sneekle gains nutrients thorough the process of attaching itself to its host with its lobster like claws, and then stinging it a few times with its barbed and poisoned tail. It then attaches its needle like tongue to the host and obtains its blood, leaving the host with little or none to live on. This may seem very gruesome to you, but it's just a normal process in nature. 2. It transports the nutrients it takes from the blood it digest's, and then uses it to make energy. 3. It takes in water through its gills, and uses the oxygen in it to create energy. 4. It also excretes waste out of its body, and into the ocean. 5. All of the Sneekles organs work together for the well being of the creature. 6. The Sneekle actually never stops growing throughout its whole life, this is why we sometimes find some that are 5 feet long. sneekles communicate to each other through a series of clicking of their mandibles. 7. And lastly Sneekles reproduce sexually with their scorpion like tails. conclusion So as you can see, the bloodsucking sneekle is a very fun, charming, and majestic animal. They are perfectly equipped for life, and they are close to the top of the food chain! This being said I don't know who would not want one as a pet. Available at your local pet store! photic zone The Twilight zone Midnight zone Although it can live in all of these oceanic regions, it prefers the cold, dark part pf the ocean called the Midnight zone. Here it can fully use its skills to find prey in the dark, It's equipped with an extremely good sense of smell and hearing, and it's eyes are built to see in the dark water.
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