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Copy of "I Funny" Book Report By Jonathan Wilson

No description

Anahi Reyes

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of "I Funny" Book Report By Jonathan Wilson

Pierce is one of Jamie's best friends. He's a proud believer in being a nerd, and he's not afraid to show it.
I couldn't find a picture that was remotely as big as he is, so I used a cartoon. Stevie Kosgrov doubles the school's biggest bully (he's also the school's only bully), and Jamie's half-brother. Stevie's main passion in life is torturing Jamie. Stevie tries to discourage Jamie from competing in the Planet's Funniest Kid competition, but he does not succeed.
Uncle Frankie is basically Jamie's mentor for the Planet's Funniest Kid competition. He owns a restaurant, and in order to help Jamie practice telling jokes, he lets Jamie operate the cash register sometimes. Jamie prepares jokes for people before going to the restaurant, to tell at the cash register. Uncle Frankie sticks with Jamie to the end of the competition.
Jamie is a bright, imaginative boy, with a knack for making people laugh. At the beginning of "I Funny", he is already brave, and stands up to Stevie Kosgrov with only his joke-telling skills. But when he hears about the Planet's Funniest Kid competition, and then participates, he learns what the true meaning of stage fright is. Overcoming stage fright made Jamie even braver and outgoing than before. Learning to cope with the stress of being harassed is another factor that helped Jamie become braver and more "respectful, responsible, and resilient".
Character Analysis
A presentation by Jonathan Wilson (that's me btw)
Drumroll please
Stevie Kosgrov
Uncle Frankie
Yet again, another primary character.
A third primary character. Wow.
Finally! A secondary character.
Gaynor is the "cool dude" of the bunch. he spends most of his time doting on girls, Gaynor is Jamie's best friend and a very reliable companion.
Another secondary character.
Another WW word!
The Smileys
There's no picture - so just imagine a boring family of four. A boy, girl, mom, and dad, all with pale, sallow faces and motionless expressions. The Smileys are Jamie's foster family, and they're not really called the Smileys, that's just Jamie's perspective. The Smileys are also Jamie's ultimate challenge. Getting the Smileys to laugh is like surviving a jump off of the Empire State Building (that's a pretty long fall, you know).
Here comes the character analysis! Wheee...
Imagine a fanfare.
James Patterson (the author)
Wordly Wise vocab word!
James Patterson is a very funny man who writes very funny books. He's the bestseller in middle school books. Patterson has earned a lot of prestige. In January, 2010, The New York Times Magazine featured James Patterson on its cover and hailed him as having "transformed book publishing." Time magazine hailed him as "The Man Who Can't Miss." Recently, NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams profiled Patterson's prolific career, AARP named him one of the "50 Most Influential People Who Make Our Days a Little Brighter," and Variety featured him in a cover story highlighting his adventures in Hollywood. Patterson currently lives in Palm Beach, Florida, with his wife, Sue, and his son, Jack.
Go to www.jamespatterson.com for more info.
The setting of this book is at Lincoln Middle School.
I would recommend "I Funny" because it is a very interesting and funny book, hence the name. It's really easy to understand, and it has pictures.
Rising Action
Falling Action
Jamie Grimm
Jamie Grimm is a funny kid. He's stuck in a wheelchair, due to a car accident, and lives with a foster family. Despite his disabilities, Jamie uses his sense of humor to influence many people.
Primary Character.
Cool Girl
Another primary character.
Her name's not really "Cool Girl". That's Jamie's perspective, due to the fact that he has a crush on her. Little does Jamie know that Cool Girl also has a crush on him. Cool Girl became one of Jamie's best friends during the book, and supports Jamie throughout.
It's all yellow and stuff.
Jamie Grimm's parents have recently died in a car crash, and Jamie was forced to live in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He's living with his foster parents in Long Beach, in New York City. Attending Lincoln Middle School this year turns out to be harder than expected, not to mention Stevie Kosgrov lurking in the halls.
Jamie's Uncle, Frankie, tells Jamie about the Planet's Funniest Kid Competition, holding its first tournament at the Ronkonkoma Country Club in about a month. Jamie is hesitant about joining at first, but his new best friend, Cool Girl, orders him to tell her some jokes at Uncle Frankie's diner. Soon he has a line of people filling up the block, waiting to hear a joke. Uplifted by this, Jamie spends the month preparing for the competition. He goes to the Ronkonkoma Country Club, and he hears the kids practicing before the event. Jamie became nervous again because the jokes were so good, but then he snapped out of it when an obnoxious kid begins to boast about what will happen after he wins the competition. Jamie is determined to win. And he does a good job, but in the joke-telling frenzy, he made jokes about Uncle Frankie's addiction to yo-yos, Pierce's nerdyness, Gaynor and his flirting with girls, Stevie's bullying, and Cool Girl's asking him how he pees.
Jamie was the last one to tell his jokes. The obnoxious kid totally failed, and Jamie did very well. The announcer says, "And the winner of the Planet's Funniest Kid Competition at the Ronkonkoma Country Club...who's name I'm about to read...because it is written on this card...the winner is...JAMIE GRIMM!" Jamie is elated, but his friends...not so much. Jamie makes a vows to apologize later.
Jamie is driven home by the Smileys. The next day, there is a party held for Jamie. He is confused as to why his family and friends would throw a party for him, right after he made fun of them. Right before the party, he apologizes to clear things up.
Jamie makes it to the national championships for the Planet's Funniest Kid Competition, but the story doesn't elaborate. Jamie and Cool Girl kiss after the party, and they all live happily ever after.
How u like da faces?
How u like da faces?
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