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1st Faculty Meeting Boeve - 13'14

2011-2012 Beginning of the Year Faculty Meeting

Shane Boeve

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of 1st Faculty Meeting Boeve - 13'14

the Marshmallow

Explorer Elementary 2013 '14
My Life's Journey
✦Build the Tallest Freestanding Structure:

1) The winning team is the one that has the tallest structure measured from the table top surface to the top of the marshmallow. That means the structure cannot be suspended from a higher structure, like a chair, ceiling or chandelier.

2) The Entire Marshmallow Must be on Top: The entire marshmallow needs to be on the top of the structure. Cutting or eating part of the marshmallow disqualifies the team.

3) Use as Much or as Little of the Kit: The team can use as many or as few of the 20 spaghetti sticks, as much or as little of the string or tape. The team cannot use the paper bag as part of their structure.

4) Break up the Spaghetti, String or Tape: Teams are free to break the spaghetti, cut up the tape and string to create new structures.

5) The Challenge Lasts 18 minutes: Teams cannot hold on to the structure when the time runs out. Those touching or supporting the structure at the end of the exercise will be disqualified.

6) Ensure Everyone Understands the Rules: Don’t worry about repeating the rules too many times. Repeat them at least three times. Ask if anyone has any questions before starting.

Keep It Simple..
- Everything falls under the umbrella of
what is "Best For Kids"

- Hire Good People and Support the Heck
out of them!!

- Maintain the Crystal Focus on Changing the
Dichotomy of learning..
Explorer Reference Guide


Work Day
- 7:30 - 3:30
- 7:50 - 3:50
- 8:00 - 4:00 - unless you have a duty
or a required meeting

Meetings that may require you to stay
- IEP Meetings - if invited
- Curriculum Meetings
- Grade Level Meetings - At least four a year
Substitute Procedures
- Let us know as far in advance as you can
- Fill out blue sheet
- Always be prepared for an unexpected absence with a sub plan
(where can we find it?)
- Be mindful of technology on days you have a sub (Plan B)
- Be mindful of planning vacations at the end of the year – please account for snow days
- Ask for leave prior to making reservations or buying tickets!
- 2 people gone per day for personal leave- don’t’ wait until the end of the year to schedule

Bottom Line... I will be extremely accommodating - Until I have a reason not to be so...

AM Recess (Before School)
* 2/3 Play on North and NE playground... 4/5 East playground
* One bell at 8:10 ~students line up on paws
* See duty schedule on staff page and and a Shutterfly reminder will / be generated.
# Be on time!
# Be mobile!
# Be consistent!
# Teachers on duty be outside by 7:50 am

* Lining up - 2/3 Line-up on North End... 4/5 South End
# Classroom teachers greet students at the door

WHose Allowed in Building
* Kdg/ 1st Grade
* Breakfast Eaters starting
@ 7:45 - 8:10 am

* When students finished w/Breakfast students will be sent to the playground to line up with class
Good Eats!
* Students enter doors outside Classroom after Recess
* Students Wash Hands and take off Outside Clothing and Prepare to dismiss for Lunch
* Please line up students alphabetically k-5 (4th and 5th will get cards then they can line up randomly).
* Students file in to sit down.
* Check all sack lunches for peanuts and items made in a peanut factory. (Please do this prior to lunch as well!)
* What to do if you find a peanut item?
* Staff on duty are allowed a “free” lunch to eat after duty. (be sure to scan your id badge)
* Teachers dismiss students by table/rows and students will sit down in rows ready to be escorted Back to Class.

* I will be available to help dismiss and line up when I am in the building.


Those on duty:
Review the playground rules found on the Explorer Staff Shutterfly website.
Keys/swipe card are needed to let students into building to use the restrooms.
Be aware of trouble spots on playground such as the creed.
Be mobile. (Supervision is a verb!)
Those not on duty:
Pick your students up at the door.
Be on time.

Dismissal ? Need to Discuss

1) 3:13 Walkers and Bus Riders dismissed
Open to 4th/ 5th Grade Helpers?
Students walking can Leave through Grade
level doors?
How do students get to Bus? if not 4th/5th grade
helpers? Cannot leave students unattended

2) Picked up Children 3:15

3) KDG Pick-up Plan?

Two Busses this year...

** Do Not send food to the bus line
** Pack Students up as best as possible

"Go To" Statement to Kids and Parents

Mr. Boeve - "My most important job is to
make sure all 325 students are SAFE from
the minute they leave the house til the second
they get back to their home..."
Visitor Check -in

` Sign - in the Office
` New Safety door procedures
` All Visitors must have "Visitors" Badge
` If you see a stranger without a badge,
please ask them if they need help.. Please remind them
they should "NOT" be in building w/out a Badge..

` Panic button in the office
Staff Meetings
~ Staff meetings are Fridays @ 7:45
` I will let everyone know by end of the day
on Wed. if NO meeting - I do NOT want to meet
for the sake of meeting
` Be on Time
` Dr. Rasmussen will cont. w/ Charlotte Danielson

- All Teachers required to be in Lab w/ students... Feel free to switch times of fill out for open times..
- K-2 do NOT have to go to the LAB
- Future vision is that Tech is no longer
a place you go to.. It is "INVISIBLY INTEGRATED"
into all we do.. District has invested GREATLY.. It will only become more prevelant and it is what is "Best for Kids" if utilized effeciently and correctly (not longer a fact recital society.., see Smarter Balanced)
- My experiences w/ TECH - "UTILIZE TRAVIS"
- GOOGLE DOCS... I will utilize extensively.. more to come as far as some trainings and getting everyone set up on hsdtiger.org accounts
Stop and Thinks
Still policy (I don't really understand)

From what I can tell we want to lessen Stop and Think
and increase "pawsitive notes"

Please use your discretion.. We will cont. to evaluate

Keys - I have reminder on shutterfly for you to recieve and email to recharge
Parking - please park in back rows to allow for parents and visitors
Classroom Schedules - Get to Sue ASAP.. if they change please just email the change to Sue
Casual Friday? I think there is a donation? HELP?
Teacher Cell phones and Social Media..
See reference Guide
Tiger Tuesday - We will try to do ALL online unless you need a sig? Correct?
Lunch and Attendance - Please have to Sue by 9 am
Switching Duties - Just have it covered
Supervision - Never or on Extreme RARE occasions kids should ALWAYS be supervised
- THINGS Part Deaux
Library 1st Quarter - Please come to library early to help children pick out "good fit books"
Blue Forms - As I stated I will try to be accommodating can help cover etc.. so you do not necessarily have to fill ourt blue forms.. otherwise get them in.. See me if you have questions
Lesson Plans.. - Please have them done in some form.. Do not have to be in-depth.. Do not believe you can even have done into far future.. We differentiate and individualize.. But be prepared never know when you need a sub
- Things - PArt Trey
PTO - Jan Norwine is President.. Extremely supportive and want to help in anyway.. Please Reciprocate!.. Please run any PTO requests by me first
Sunshine Fund - Help?
Drills - We will have drill within first two weeks.. No your spots to exit and no LOCKdown routines.. We will review at Faculty meeting
evaluations - tenured.. this is on hold for a month or so til we get direction from state for now.. non-tenured will have one formal.. I do do walkthroughs for my own data use..
As Cool and the Gang
Exclaimed "Its a celebration"

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