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5 Rules For a Utopian Society

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on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of 5 Rules For a Utopian Society

5 Rules For a Utopian Society
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We believe that even the smallest crime is enough to cause an uproar and chaos in the society. With violence and crime comes grief, sorrow, and a life of sin. Islam strongly forbids these kind of atrocious acts. In the Quran (6:151), Allah says: "...And do not kill a soul that god has made sacrosanct, save lawfully."
In order for our perfect society to work, all sorts of discrimination must be completely obliterated. We can not move forward and make a change in our world if everyone is too busy bashing each other because of their different race or religion. In Surat Hujurat, Allah (SWT) says: "Oh people, we have created you male and female and made you nations and tribes that you may know one another." Allah created us differently so we can learn from one another; not to be arrogant or put others down.
1. There shall be no crime or violence in the society
This money that is taken from the people will help the less fortunate and provide them with food, shelter, ect. Therefore, the society will remain stable. Allah has already told us to give 2.5% of our disposable income for Zakah.
5. Every adult- mentally stable, free, and financially able male or female must give a certain amount of their wealth.
2. Everyone will be treated equally regardless of race or religion
Since not everyone can afford education, free education will be provided so that our society is knowledgeable and independent. In a hadith, the Prophet stated, "He who acquires knowledge acquires a vast portion." AND "If anyone going on his way in search of knowledge, God will, thereby make easy for him the way to Paradise."
3. Everyone will have access to free education
It is important to stay connected and communicate in order to solve any problems and spread information.The Prophet also established "town meetings" and they were none other than the Jumaa sermon in the mosque.
4. Everyone must attend town meeting at least once a month
Some people may not follow this rule, so they'll be punished depending on their action.
No problems will occur since everyone is equal.
Some people might not have a ride to go to their school or university, therefore it is mandatory for the government to supply free transportation.
Some people might not be able to make it to the meeting for different reasons. As a result of this, we could broadcast the meetings or make them optional.
There might be some confusion on the amount of money required to give and whether they have to pay tax on top of this.
By: Rameesha, Maria, Fatima
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