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Gender Inequality

No description

Isla Espinosa

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Gender Inequality

Gender Inequality refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender Rights denied to women at one time or another include the right to hold property the right to vote right to education right to choose their desired profession Sexism prejudice and discrimination against women belief that men are superior to women Influences interaction between sexes leads to inequality between sexes Inequality in Education ~Boys are more likely to graduate than girls (though girls get better grades). ~Men are more likely than women to attend college and earn bachelor and master's degrees. ~Men study architecture, engineering, criminology, computer science and other courses that will lead to high paying occupations. ~Women were deprived of opportunities for higher education. The more prestigious the institution, the stronger the discrimination against women. Harvard University: only started admitting women on 1963 San Beda College - only started admitting females on 2002 ~Girls receive less attention in education than boys. ~Girls suffer dramatic drop in self-esteem in high school. As revealed by a recent nationwide study of 3000 children in America at age 9 a majority of girls are confident, assertive, and feel positive about themselves, but by age 14 less than one – third feel that way. ~Most women only continue to graduate in the liberal arts. Inequality in Jobs and Money Inequality in Politics Inequality in Religion Christianity Islam Confucianism Hinduism Christianity Islam Confucianism Hinduism women are a sign of temptation and sin sacred text justifies subordination and discrimination of women The most important concept of religion - God - is thought of belonging to the male gender. women are seen as weak, family-oriented and subservient women must follow the 'three obedience:'
obedience to the father, husband, and son Koran states that men are superior to women women are seen as seductresses the law states that they are dependent,
and alienated to property men are superior to women it is the duty of the male ministers to preach the Word of God men are allowed more than one wife it is the duty of the men to control women men are the 'greater power' Husbands must be obeyed by their wives Sources of Gender Roles and Inequalities Biological Evidence Men and women are... ...different in their genes
...have differences in their hormones
...have differences in their sexes' anatomy
or physical structure and appearance Psychological Evidence The typical personality patterns of adult men and women are clearly dissimilar in many ways. ~People consider housekeeping and childcare as the only real careers for women. ~Women who worked have less experience, as well as less education in men. ~Men are employed in better positions; women held lower-status jobs. ~Men earn more than women, even when women do the same job, and have comparable skill and training. ~Until recently, women felt that politics was a male activity. ~The Catch 22 situation If a woman campaigned vigorously, she was likely to be regarded as a neglectful wife and mother. If she claimed to be an attentive wife and mother, she was apt to be judged as incapable of devoting energy to public office. ~A man, as a vigorous campaigner or a devoted husband and father, was considered to be an asset.
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