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All Things FHS

No description

Kim Spicer

on 6 February 2016

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Transcript of All Things FHS

Frenship High School
“Every Child, Every Classroom, Every Day”
Current Enrollment
657 Freshmen
599 Sophomores
546 Juniors
460 Seniors

20 English
18 Math
22 Social Studies
21 Science
17 Fine Arts
9 Foreign Language
10 Physical Education
8 Technology
18 CTE
5 Counselors
1 Campus Intervention Specialist
1 Instructional Technology Specialist
1 Librarian/1 Library Aids
4 Office Administrative Assistants
1 Attendance Secretary
5 Assistant Principals
1 CTE Coordinator/Associate Principal
1 Building Principal
8 Instructional Aides (Life Skills (6))
1 Workroom
1 College Readiness Coordinator
2 Diagnosticians
1 Lab Manager
2 Nurses
Attendance Rate: 97.2%
Dropout Rate: .3%
RHSP/DAP Rate: 96.1%
Advanced Course/Dual Enrollment Completion: 32.0%
Source: FHS Texas Academic Performance Report released by TEA (11/21/14)
FHS offers all five endorsements under HB 5. These include STEM, Business & Industry, Art & Humanities, Public Service and Multi-Disciplinary Studies. In addition we require BIM (Business Information Management) and Communication Applications as local graduation requirements. It is a campus expectation that all students will graduate “Distinguished” from FHS.
16 PAP Courses
13 AP Courses including:
AP English III and IV
US History
Calculus AB
Studio Art 2D/3D Design
Spanish IV
Human Geography
Computer Science
Next year we are adding: AP World History, AP European History and AP Art History

AP Scholar
Granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams

AP Scholar with Honor
Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams

AP Scholar with Distinction
Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams
Our high school program is one of a kind in West Texas. We offer GT courses in English I, English II, World Geography, World History, Geometry, Algebra II, Biology and Chemistry.

Next year we are adding English III GT
Gifted and Talented Program
Dual Credit

FHS offers 23 dual credit classes totaling 93 credit hours. We account for approximately 30% of the total dual credit enrollment at SPC. We have 504 students enrolled in at least one dual credit course. This year we will have 1 student graduate with an Associate’s Degree.
Career and Technical Education
FHS offers 78 different CTE courses in 15 different career clusters. Students can earn 21 different certifications including Certified Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Microsoft Office Specialist, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and National Career Readiness Certification.
MMA – Monday Morning Academics
Art Club
Chess Club
Extracurricular/Co-curricular Opportunities
Poetry Club
Spanish Club
Speech & Debate
Student Council
B-Team Ballers
Trash Crew
UIL Academics
French Club
Jr Classical League
Law Enforcement
270 members
8 consecutive trips to State Marching Competition
68 All Region Band Members
7 First Chair Members
National Honor Society

270 active members for the 2014–15 school year.

Over 16,000 volunteer hours at the Ronald McDonald House, Special Olympics, Children’s Advocacy Center, UMC Children’s Hospital, The Haven Animal Shelter, South Plains Food Bank
220 members
30 students were selected for All Region Choir
5 Counselors – divided by alpha

Play an integral part on the team devoted to a student’s academic success.
Facilitate Course Requests
Monitor course completion to meet state graduation requirements
Senior Conferences in the Fall
Junior Conferences in the Spring

I wanted to let you know that I am in the midst of doing Senior Conferences and I had the opportunity to visit with Matt on November 14, 2014. We discussed the following:

• High School Transcript, Credits, Schedule and Grades
• College Application Facts – Matt said he has not applied yet, but wants to go to TTU. He said that he would probably also apply to WT, and ASU. I suggested that he get these done by Christmas.
• Scholarships – I sent home sheets with websites that will be helpful. TTU scholarship deadline is February 1st. I am not sure about the other two places, but I believe it is a similar time frame.
• Financial Aid/FAFSA – For students beginning college in the Fall of 2015, FAFSA needs to be filled out and completed AFTER Jan. 1, 2015. Both students and parents need to request a pin # before beginning the process.
• Letters of Recommendation
• SAT/ACT – he said that his SAT was better than the two ACT. TTU will take the one that looks best.

I hope you and Matt will have an opportunity to visit about where he is in this process and what to do next. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Wishing you the best of luck!

Counselors coordinate the Backpack Food Program, Thanksgiving Vouchers, Christmas help
A Few of My Favorite Initiatives
All Fine Arts Production
White Christmas
Addam’s Family
(now TSI) test site
“What are we doing to help improve the lives (not test scores) of the students at Frenship High”
“helps us foster a sense of community for the students even though we have a very large campus”
“My One Word”
“Make Someone’s List”
“Everyday Awesomeness” “Homecoming Mums for Life Skills”
Admissions Accomplished Pep Rally
Late Start Mondays
Sharing of Best Instructional Practices
Common Assessment Creation
Data Disaggregation
Commitment to Maintaining a Small Campus Feel

Book Studies
Peer Observations
This summer 8 FHS staff attended a PLC conference together.

Matt Cmerek – “One presenter asked a room of about 200 people – How many of you come from a campus where the PLCs meet weekly?” Including myself, there were 8 people.
“At the end it really boils down to this for me…the relationships that we create with our students. Checking in on them when we can…monitoring their grades…attendance…and see how life is going.” - Heath Simpson
“One of the things we do best at FHS is to work to ensure learning for all students whether an assignment is late, a student has a rough home life, a student speaks a different native language, etc.” – Cale Bridges
An extended period of time for academic intervention. Students can complete make up work, retake tests and receive individualized tutoring from staff, student teachers and NHS students. On average there will be 130 students assigned to MMA weekly.
Approximately 600 members

One of the top ten programs in the state

About 300 animal projects this year
AP Scholar Awards 5-Year Comparison
Technology Available to Students and Staff
Walk-In Computer Access
Students and parents have access to 20 computers in the library for use before/after school, during lunch or during their off period.
Teachers can check out computer labs, laptop carts and iPad carts to use with their classes.
Six computer labs
Eight laptop carts
Three iPad carts
Classrooms equipped with document camera, Interwrite Pad and CPS unit for all teachers who have requested one.
Technology equipment available for teacher/student checkout:
Video cameras
Digital cameras
Skype web cameras
MP3 players
Voice recorders
3D Printer for CTE student use.
SAT/ACT - Strategies to Increase Scores
All students in grades 10/11 take the PSAT
Disaggregated data is analyzed by English/Math teachers
Weak objectives are addressed through the use of bell ringers
College Transitions and ACT/SAT Prep Course
Test Prep Seminars
Safety and Security
Even with an ever growing student population we still have high expectations regarding student behavior. Additionally, student safety is one of our highest priorities.
Rules and Expectations
Tardy Policy
Drug Dog visibility
Tiered "RTI" Plan for Discipline
1888 students in extracurricular/co-curricular activities =
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