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Jaguar Land Rover

No description

Denis Ignea

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Jaguar Land Rover

Government and legal factors

Taxes and Duty
Government impose taxes (corporation tax)
Road tax law passed on by EU to cut emissions

Subsidies to Land Rover as an advantage but may also give it to others

Land Rover based in UK has to pay their staff a minimum wage
Laws on trading with other businesses

Strategic Dilemmas
Social Factors
Worlds first luxury SUV diesel Hybrid in Range Rover
Reducing fleet emissions by 25% by 2015, from a 2007 baseline
Each vehicle is designed to be 85% recyclable
Sustainable buildings and energy-saving operations
98% of demolitions are reused

Promoting engineering careers
Opportunities of joining
Collaboration with academic leaders to support various projects
Like-minded partners like ClimareCare, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, etc.

Jaguar Land Rover is the largest investor in R&D in UK
Strategic competitive advantage going forward
High Research and Development investments
Economic Factors
Technological Factors
Try to build and separate efficient city cars and effective off road vehicles, two sectors to the brand
The overcrowding of the 4x4 market, with lots of brands associated with city cars building 4x4, spreading risk
Bring the production of Land Rover back to the UK, continuing to improve brand image
Whether to invest in electronic or alternative fuel cars for the future

Current Issues
The regular increase in fuel costs
The price of insurance for larger vehicles
High taxation
Competition from cheaper and more basic 4x4 vehicles

Future Issues
The emergence of electric cars
The amount of money being spent in Research and Development

In 2013 they officially joined together

Tata Motors bought both in 2008 from Ford
PEST Analysis
Jaguar land rover
Technologically advanced production processes in creating automobiles
Technological awareness
Technology incentives by the UK Government
Research & Development facilities and ventures
Competitors developing more efficient technologies
Using E-commerce

links to other environments of pest(le) analysis

(P) Political Environment
UK government has become environmentally conscious; Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) utilizes Technology Strategy Board to give incentives to technology development
(E) Economical Environment
Due to the increasing price of fuel, technology implemented to increase fuel efficiency of vehicles
(S) Social Environment
Technological awareness Increased demand of environmentally friendly automobiles
(L) Legal Environment
EU Directive70/220/EEC (EU law on vehicle emissions control)
(E) Environmental Environment
Automobile manufacturing has become more sustainable. Less air pollution and water pollution during production. More recycled parts utilized

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Luxury car brand
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