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No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 7 June 2017

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Transcript of SLIME

Who invented it ? :
Mattel was the first brand to invent/sell slime(the first slime was green).

Fact 1

How do you make it at home? :
You make it by using PVA glue and borax when diluted with water;you then add the borax mixture to the glue and stir.

Fact 2

It has been around since 1976 (that is when Mattel created it)
Fact 3
What is the most popular slime? :
The most popular slime is fluffy slime(you just add shaving cream into the original slime mixture)
Fact 4
Why was it created? :
It actually was accidentally created while making a new hair gel.
Fact 5
Why was it such a trend? :
It was a trend because not only was it fun to make and play with, people would make new types and it would make a sound that people enjoyed(a.k.a: A.S.M.R)
Fact 6
How many types of slime are there? :
There are 50+ types of slime.
Fact 7
Are there different variations of slime? :
Yes there are. They consist of Flubber, Silly Putty, Gak and,Floam.
Fact 8
By: Tatianna Gomes & Annabel Suarez

How long has it been around? :
Fact 9
Do people sell it? :
Yes people d
o. They sell it on their slime shop usually on Etsy and Ebay
Fact 10
Who is the most famous slime seller on Instagram
The most famous slime seller on Instagram is @craftyslimecreator
The End
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