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Holy Cross Hospital Fort Lauderdale, FL

Kavita Maharaj

on 23 April 2010

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Bedside Change of Shift Report Who we are... Why is it important? Benefits of Bedside Report Drawbacks of Traditional Change of Shift Report What do you like about bedside report?
“The nurses come into the room and actually
look at me together. I could hear the
information about me being reported and I
learned the approximate time my test was to
take place today. It reduced my anxiety level.”

In your opinion, what is the most positive outcome of bedside report for you?
“I can ask questions that I didn’t remember to ask
when the doctor was in my room.”
What is it? Change is HARD! The communication process at bedside meets the needs of both patients and nurses by providing an opportunity to improve patient safety and increase patient collaboration in the plan of care. Bedside reporting reassures patients that the nursing staff works as a team, and patients witness a safe, professional transfer of responsibilities. One of the benefits of bedside report for the staff nurse is the oncoming nurse’s ability to immediately confirm the previous shift’s report by visualizing the patient and getting a baseline assessment to compare.
Accountability between shifts is promoted by direct observation of the patient by both oncoming and off-going nurses.
Another benefit for nurses includes improved interaction. Staff relationships are enhanced when communication, an important nursing skill, is promoted.
As a result, staff work together as a team and enhance the professional image of nursing.

Great ratings on Patient Satisfaction Surveys! Does it work? Evidence suggests that patients involved in their care are less anxious and more likely to follow medical advice, start treatments earlier, and, therefore, are able to select lower-risk interventions and litigate less. Traditionally, change-of-shift reporting has been performed away from the bedside either with an audiotaped or verbal report.
Shift reports have often been unstructured, repetitive, and lacked consistency in the type of information provided by each individual nurse.
Nursing report assessments are frequently subjective in their content and accompanied by value judgments and labeling of patients.
In addition, shift reports often lack care planning, which leaves nurses without a focus for how to best assist in meeting patients’ goals during their shift.
These issues often left nurses with insufficient information to provide patients with the best possible care and limited patients’ input into their own plan of care. BUT...PATIENT SAFETY IS ALWAYS A PRIORITY! A 571-bed Magnet facility located in Fort Lauderdale, FL
26-bed Intermediate Care Unit

Listen to what the patients are saying....
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