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2015 Social Innovation T/A

No description

Edward LaPorte

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of 2015 Social Innovation T/A

Training Overview:
Registering and Accessing SAGE
Why the Change in Direction
2015 Social Innovation Guidelines

Operating System:
Contact Registration Information
Consist of letters and numbers and must be between 5 & 20 characters long
Password: between 7 & 20 characters long
Granting Dept: Select the Dept of State
Web Browsers
Eligibility Criteria/Ineligible Applicants
Sections with asterisk must be completed
Create new OFBI Direct Service 2015
Your Main Menu - Creating Your Application
Click "I Agree"
Profile Information
When completed check here
Then click "save"
Then click "next"
Click "save," then "next"
Selection of Grant Category
Lead Organization Name
Project Title
Grant Category "drop down box" choose category
SAGE Application Format

Make sure to complete all forms in their entirety

If you see

you have errors in the section
Effective program evaluation does more than collect, analyze, and provide data

It allows you to gather and use information to continually learn about and improve programs that you operate
Logic model is a learning and management tool
that can be used throughout a program's life
Using the logic model offers greater learning opportunities, better documentation of outcomes and shared knowledge about what works and why
What is a logic model?
A logic model is a systemic and visual way to present and share your understanding of the relationship among resources you have to operate your program, the activities you plan to do, and the changes or results you hope to achieve
include the human, financial, organizational, and community resources a program has available to direct toward doing the work.
Program Activities
are what the program does with the resources. Activities are the processes, tools, events, technology, and actions that are an intentional part of the program implementation. These interventions are use to bring about the intended program changes or results
Your intended results include all of the program's desired results (outputs, outcomes, and impact)
are the direct products of program activities and may include types, levels, & targets of services to be delivered by the program
are the specific changes in program participants' behavior, knowledge, skills, status and level of functioning
is the fundamental intended or unintended change occurring in organizations, communities or systems as a result of program activities
Reading a logic model means following
the chain of reasoning or "If....then..." statement which connect the program parts.
Certain resources
are needed to operate your program
you have access
to them,
you can use them to accomplish
your planned activities
you accomplish
you planned
you will hopefully
deliver the amount
of product/service
you intended
you planned
activities to
the extent you
your participants
will benefit in
certain ways
these benefits
to participants
are achieved,
certain changes
in organizations,
communities, or
systems might be
expected to occur
SI Section 6 Budgets Page 8
Create New SEED 2015
Selection of Grant Categories
Lead Organization Name
Project Title
SEED Grant
Utilize Grant Guidelines
Personnel Expenses
Other Cost Categories
After entering all information click "SAVE"
To proceed to the next page click "NEXT"
To return to the application menu click
"Application Menu"
3 statements of
collaboration click "ADD" to
create additional pages
SI Project Description
Common Agenda
All parties agree on shared goals and how to get there
Shared Measurement System
Collection of data and measuring results on agreed upon indicators across all participating organizations

Ensures that all efforts remain aligned
Mutually Reinforcing Activities

Each member of the collective undertakes specific set of activities at which it excels in a way that supports and is coordinated with the actions of others
Continuous Communication

Participants need several years of regular meetings to build up enough experience with each other to recognize and appreciate the common motivation behind their different efforts
Backbone Support Organization

Creating and managing collective impact requires a separate organization and staff with a very specific set of skills to serve as the backbone organization
Dedicated staff separate from the participating organizations who can plan, manage, and support the initiative through ongoing:

Communications support
Data collection and reporting
Handling the logistics and admin. support for a seamless process
Target Population
"click here," to download
the goals template
Attach forms here
Project Timetable
Required Appendices
Acceptable attachment file size and types
SIZE: 13 MB for a single file

File types supported by SAGE for attachments (.doc, .pdf, .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .txt, .avi, .wmv, .psd, .vsd, .ppt, .xls, .mov)

Microsoft Office 2007 formats (xlsx, docx, etc.) is not compatible in SAGE

New User
My Information
View/Edit Information
My Organization
Click your org
Click this link
"Additional Profile Information"
Indicate a brief history

Present the qualifications of the key individuals

Indicate a brief history and governing structure of the backbone organization

Its ability, both internally and externally, in launching and managing the Health Initiative Grounded in Collective Impact Strategy.

Present the qualifications of the key individuals who have been implement the collective impact

Describe the specific geographic area the initiative will target.

Describe the social issue(s) you intend to impact and the consequences it has for the community.

Provide demographic and other data to document the need using facts and statistics to support your conclusions.

Utilize Grant Guidelines
Utilize Grant Guidelines
Upload Logic Model Template
Download Logic Model Template
Charities Registration Number do not put a unless you can prove exemption
Upload proof of charities registration number
Div of Rev registration number
Upload proof of Div of Reg number
Youth College Readiness Program

Significantly increase the number of underrepresented students who enter and remain in post secondary education.

Organizations applying for College Readiness must have social purpose alliances with a middle and high school.

Youth Entrepreneurship Program:

Start and grow micro businesses by providing quality training, counseling, and access to capital and other needed resources.

Incorporate math and literacy skills in the context of building a business plan and inspire young people to stay and excel in school, to recognize business opportunities and to plan for successful futures.

Eligible participants must be between the ages of 12 and 17 years old.

Organizations seeking funding under this category must have a curriculum based instruction that has been tested for impact and approved by the OFBI.

Ineligible Costs
Rehabbing facility
Purchasing land / property
Insurance premiums

NOTE: No more than 5% of Award can go to the salary of Executive Director

Consider using project funds for the following:

Supplies, equipment, fair market rent, and resources necessary to implement projects and activities;

Technology (not to exceed $2,000)

Salaries (not to exceed 50% of grant award)

Purchase of curricula, handbooks, instructional videos, etc.

ADD Separate FTE from PT
Position & Title
Annual Salary
Weekly hrs on Proj
% of Weekly hrs on Proj
Funds from State
Fund from other Sources
5% cap on E.D.
Total Salaries not to exceed
50% of State funds
Cost Est
Funds from State
Other Sources
CIHIS 50% Cash Match

YCR/YE/MBD 25% Cash Match & 25% In-Kind Match

SE2D Projects 25% Cash Match
drop down to choose categories
Required Appendices
Copy of Certificate of Incorporation

Copy of IRS 501(c)3 Status Determination Letter

Board Resolution

Three Letters of Support from social purpose alliances

Certificate of Good Standing

State of New Jersey W-9 Questionnaire

Cash Match Verification

Required under Appendices:

Job description and resume

CIHIS Reporting tool

Micro-Business Development:

Start and grow micro-businesses by providing quality training, counseling, and access to capital and other needed resources.

Build strong businesses that transform lives, strengthen families and creates thriving, sustainable neighborhoods.

Organizations seeking funding under this category must have a proven track record of providing the services for a minimum of five consecutive years.

Must have the ability to make micro-business loans and/or have access to lending institutions that provides start up capital to graduates from the MBD training program.

Collective Impact Health Initiative Strategy (CIHIS):

The CIHIS will be awarded to organizations whose focus is in the reduction of childhood obesity

Currently working on such an approach continuously implemented for a minimum of 3 years.

Currently collecting data addressing the reduction of childhood obesity

Must follow the collective impact strategy
centralized infrastructure
common agenda
shared measurement
mutually reinforcing activities among all participants,
continuous communication,
backbone enterprise
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