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Ahava S. Doria's Portfolio

Graphic Designer

Ahava Doria

on 15 December 2016

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Transcript of Ahava S. Doria's Portfolio

She owns and is the designer of "My Simcha Guide", a directory for kosher event planning in Los Angeles.

She also owns Jerusalem Gift Baskets, an online gift shop specializing in care packages for family and friends in Israel.
Ahava Doria has been in the graphic design industry for the last twelve years. She holds a B.A. from Thomas Edison State College and received her Graphic Design Certificate from Maalot Los Angeles.
About Ahava
Ahava's Portfolio
Owner & designer of magazine & website: www.mysimchaguide.com
My Simcha Guide Magazine
Owner of JGB
Logo, flyer, and website design www.jerusalemgiftbaskets.com
Original photography
Jerusalem Gift Baskets
Displayed at food show in Texas, 2009
It’s Delish Catalog
Jewish Educational Therapy Materials. Based in Lakewood.
Logo & product design
Kinder Cards
Cherished Wife
Workshop with
Leah Richeimer
Flier design
Etta Israel, Ohel
& JBBBS of L.A.
Poster design
Global Networking
Logo and letterhead design
Be-A-Guest Events
Event Coordinator, L.A.
Ad design
Door-hanger design
PuroClean, L.A.
The Torah Center
Jerusalem, Israel
Fundraiser invitation,
letterhead & envelope
Torah Surfing Card
Card design & concept development
Ahava taught high school graphics & was yearbook advisor for Bnos Esther High School, Los Angeles. (2009-2010)

She also taught Photoshop & InDesign for a private class held at Maalot Los Angeles.

In 2010, Ahava established Dazzling Design, a design studio based in Israel.
E-mail: dazzlingdesign613@gmail.com
Cell: (058) 322-2753 ~ (323) 540-5692

Distance Learning Solution Icon
Philadelphia, PA
Lakewood, NJ
Odelia & Michael
N'shei of Givat Zeev
Hachadasha, Israel
logo and letterhead design
Kids at Play Therapy Center
Philadelphia, PA
Poster design
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