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Ashley Leyba

on 2 January 2015

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Transcript of Explorers

Treaty of Tordesillas (1493-4)
Pope Alexander VI divides the "New World"
Draws line down the Atlantic
Spain: Everything west (most of the Americas)
Portugal: Everything east (route around Africa to India)
What does this tell us about how Europeans understood the world?
So you want to be an explorer...
Need the backing of a strong state ($$$)
In 1400s, this means....
Need new technology and info
Better Maps (Portolan Charts)
Astrolabe (direction,latitude)
Caravel (Portuguese ship)
Prince Henry, "the Navigator"
Begin by exploring the western coast of Africa
1488: Bartholomeu Dias reaches the southern tip of Africa
1498: Vasco de Gama sails from Portugal, around the Cape of Good Hope (why is this important?)
Ferdinand Magellan & Juan Sebastian Elcano
Legendary Voyage of 1519-1522
First to Cross the Pacific
Circumnavigation of the Earth
Christopher Columbus (Genoese Merchant and sailor)
Funded by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
4 voyages b/ 1492 and 1503
1492: C.C. reaches the Bahamas, Cuba, and Hispaniola
Returns to Spain with gold, parrots, spices, and Native Americans (visits Portugal first)
This puts Spain into conflict with ??
Why explore?
New Trade Routes to Asia
Fame (and Fortune)
Finally possible to do so
1524: French monarch wants to find Northwest Passage (route through NA to the Pacific)
1602: King Henry IV authorizes establishment of a colony
1608: Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec in "New France"
Focused on fur trade
Slow growth
1673-1682: French explorers Jolliet and Marquette "discover" the Mississippi River, follow it to Gulf of Mexico; claim Louisiana for France
Dutch East India Company
Henry Hudson (English) attempts to find passage to Asia through NA
Finds New York instead
Establishes New Netherland
Trading post, slow growth
John Cabot (Italian)
Two voyages
Second voyage gets him to Newfoundland
Explored some of Canada
Columbian Exchange
Early Goals of Colonization and Exploration
Spain: Conversion
1513: El Requerimiento
France and Netherlands: Trade
England: Colonization
How did these goals impact: population growth, economy, governance, religion, and relations with natives?
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