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Islam: Mecca/Makkah

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Mariela Cruz

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Islam: Mecca/Makkah

A. Where did the sacred site's religion originate?
The Islamic religion originated from Central Asian Arabian Desert around 600 AD. They believe That Prophet Muhammad was God's last messenger.
B. What was the pattern if diffusion, of any?
The prophet was alive and he called out to Arabs in secret so not a lot knew about the religion, but then it went public and the followers of the religion moved to Africa. Then the Prophet conveyed the message to the Roman and Persian Empire, and they took a hostile approach to it, so there were a lot of military confrontations and caused the Persian Empire to collapse.
C. What is the current spatial distribution?
The region most populated by muslims is Africa with a 27.4% of it being muslim. The country where the most muslims are located is Indonesia with 182.2 million.
D. What are the basic beliefs of the religion?
Second Belief
2) Belief in the Angels: Angels worship God and work by his command. One angel, Gabriel< brought down the Quran to Muhammad.
First Beleif
1) Belief in God: Muslims believe in only one god, with no son and no one must be compared or worshiped like him.
Third Belief
3) Belief in God’s Revealed Books: Muslims believe that God made books and showed it to his messengers to manage and guide them. It is written in the Quran that he wants to protect it from corruption: [Indeed, We have sent down the Quran, and surely we will gaurd it.] (Quran, 15 :9)
Fourth Belief
4) Belief in the Prophets and Messengers of God: Muslims believed that Prophets and messengers weren't any different thatn human beings and that they didn't have any divine qualities.
Fifth Beleif
5) Belief in the Day of Judgment: Muslims believe in the day of resurrection, where all the judgements will be ressurected in God's judgement.
Sixth Belief
6) Belief in Al-Qadar: Muslims believe that God has given them freewill.
E. Is this religion universalizing or ethnic?
Islam is a universalizing religion because islam is 23% of the world's population, making Islam the second-largest religion.
F. Is this religion hierarchical or autonomous?
It is autonomous because there's not really a higher position
G. Why is the site sacred to this religion?
The Mecca is sacred to the Islamic Religion because it is the city in which the Ka'ba is, and the Ka'ba is believed to be the first place to ever have been created on this earth. It is one of the most sacred places in Islam, and Muslims pray five times a day in the direction of Mecca.
Islam: Mecca/Makkah
Religious Sacred Site
H. What are the traditions/practices carried put at this sacred place?
At least once in their life time, each Muslim is expected to go once to Mecca. When you get to the Ka'ba they would have to walk around it seven times while reciting a prayer and kisses the black stones on it.
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