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stephanie naar

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of MARCO POLO

Marco Polo
Marco Polo was born on Sept. 15,1254.
He lived in Venice, Italy his whole life.

pictures of where he lived.


he was raised by other people because his mom died and father was in Asia.
Marco was rich his whole life.
in 1271 Niccolo, Marco's father, took him to Asia.
it took them 4 years to get from Europe to Asia.
during this journey Marco became lost. He was only 17 at this time.

many bad things happened to Marco on the trip.. He even got sick.
And this all leads to:
adult life/achievements
Marco polo traveled for a total of 23 years before he went home.
when Marco and his family were coming back from China they had 18 people. but, they left with hundreds.
He went back home got married and had three beautiful kids .
kids names:
Bellela polo
Fantina polo
Moretta polo
Marco Polo sadly died on January 8,1324.
At the age of 70 years-old.

he died happy in his home land Veince, Italy.
he was buried in San Lornzo.
fun facts:
the game Marco Polo was originated in Spain.
two men from Germany said if they get lost one will yell "MARCO" and the other would say "POLO"
when Marco was lost no one was really calling his name it was just the hallucination he went thought.
yes!! he did find his family even after he thought they were looking for him

A man who was an Italian merchant traveler. AN EXPLORER.
On his death bed he said and i quote
"i did not write half of what i saw,for i knew i would not be believed."
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