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The Kane Chronicles- The Red Pyramid

No description

Sam Shannon

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of The Kane Chronicles- The Red Pyramid

Rising Action
Falling Action
By: Rick Riordan
Carter and Sadie Kane are brother and sister. Their only allowed two days of the year to see each other and most of the time they live on separate continents all together. Four years ago their mom died a mysterious death on Cleopatra’s needle with their father. Their dad Julius Kane took custody of Carter and Sadie went with her Grandparents in England.

Sadie lived in England with her grandparents ever since her mom died. She’s a twelve year old british white girl which is why most people don’t believe she’s directly related to Carter or her own father. Sadie went to a proper school and lived a typical life for most of her life. Sadie has a certain passion for music and likes being different. She wears combat boots and dark clothes with different colors in her usually blonde hair. She only was allowed to see Carter and her dad for two days out of the year and it was usually at a museum for her dad's job. Sadie also loves cats. She has a cat named Muffin which turns out to be a protector spirit. The cat goddess Bast, who helps the twins throughout the story. Sadie, like her brother, also has the blood of the pharaohs. Her godly counterpart is Isis, goddess of life. Sadie carries a wand and staff which is a typical weapon for magicians.

The Rosetta Stone is an ancient egyptian artifact. In the story Julius Kane destroys the Rosetta Stone and harnesses its power to release the god Osiris into him.
Julius Kane releases five gods from the stone and hosts the god Osirs. Carter and Sadie soon become posessed by Horus and Isis.
Julius Kane also releases Set, the god of evil. Set imprisons Osiris (Julius Kane) and drains him of his power.
The house of life is a web of ancient egyptian magicians. Carter and Sadie soon discover they are descended from a long line of egyptians all the way back to Ramses. Because of their powerful history they were ideal targets for hosting gods
Desjardins is the chief lector of the house of life. He soon finds out Carter and Sadie are hosting gods and has them hunted.
In Phoenix, Arizona Set plans a eternal tomb for Osiris and plans to bury him under it.
Set plans to create a field of Chaos so powerful it has the energy to wipe out the planet of every living creature.
Carter and Sadie travel to Phoenix to stop Set from imprisoning their father forever. They steal the Book of Thoth which when translated has a gods only weakness.
Carter Kane is a fourteen year old african american boy who traveled with his dad his whole life. He was taught by his dad Dr. Julius Kane, an egyptologist and architect which meant all he learned about was Ancient Egypt and basketball stats. He never had a home when it was just his dad. They traveled all over for his job, which means he was on a plane almost every day and a different hotel every night. He quickly learned how to only carry one suitcase wherever he went. Carter would be classified as a typical ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’ as a lot of people called him. He wore khakis and a collared button up shirt or polo and loafers every day. Carter is a magician for the twenty- first Nome with his uncle and sister. He’s hosting Horus, god of protection. He uses a khopesh which is an ancient egyptian crescent shaped sword. Carter comes from a long line of Egyptian Pharaohs which makes him the most powerful host in centuries. His lineage goes back to the great Ramses.
Takes place most of the time in Phoenix, Arizona. Where Set plans to destroy Osiris. I think they chose Phoenix because it looks red. The sand and the mountains are red brick and that's Set's color. I think they also chose Phoenix because it reminded the author of the deserts in the real Egypt. Set said in the story how the deserts in Arizona reminded him of the deserts in ancient Egypt.
Carter and Sadie had to find out Set's secret name, which holds all the power to another being.
Carter and Sadie steal the book of Thoth and go to Memphis to have it translated to find out Set's secret name.They find it then go to Phoenix to control Set. He deconstructs the pyramid and releases their father.
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