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1. WAR is my social justice issue. The key points regarding

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Mathilda Boner

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of 1. WAR is my social justice issue. The key points regarding

social justice/war
Causes of the war
disagreement, greed, threats.
1954– French rulers of Vietnam are defeated by Ho Chi Minh's communist government of North Vietnam.
1960 – Political opposition in South Vietnam which leads to fighting between North and South Vietnam.
1961 – US President John F Kennedy sends 1,364 Americans to help South Vietnam.
1962 – The number of Americans increases to 9,865 and the U.S. bombs North Vietnam in an attempt to defeat the Ho Chi Minh government.
1963 – 15,500 Americans in Vietnam.
1965 – In February, the United States begins to bomb North Vietnam on a steady basis.
1967 – 500,000 American troops in Vietnam.
1969 – As of April, 33,000 American troops have been killed in Vietnam.
1971 – As of February, approx. 325,000 American troops remain in Vietnam. About 45,000 American soldiers have died in Vietnam.
1973 – U.S. military involvement in Vietnam finally ends. The U.S. lost about 50,000 soldiers in Vietnam, and suffered more than 300,000 wounded. The number of Vietnamese deaths was up to nearly 5 mill
Australia's role
Australia joined with America to try to fight against the Communist government taking over South Vietnam. The countries with democratic governments joined their military forces together to try to fight against the spread of Communism in Vietnam.

Yes it is a government's responsibility to avoid going to war if possible, and to end wars quickly if they do happen.
1. WAR is my social justice issue. The key points regarding this issue are: war usually results from a political power struggle within a country or between countries. War involves at least two opposing governments using weapons and force to engage in a violent conflict to try to gain ruling power.
governments responsibility
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