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3171 Week One

No description

Rhonda King

on 23 January 2012

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Transcript of 3171 Week One

Classroom management:
Where do I begin? Think-Pair-Share
Think:was inappropriate or caused escalation
Pair: with person next to you
Share: with the group Changing ourselves is possible. As teachers, it is our choice to decide whether or not to change. By choosing to control ourselves instead of others,
we feel empowered. When things don't go our way, we will seek solutions. In order for children to learn to behave properly, they must be taught. Conflict is an essential part of life. It presents us with the opportunity to learn a missing skill or let go of a limiting belief.
Principle #1: Composure
(self control in action) Being aware of your own
thoughts and feelings. S.T.A.R.
Take a deep breath
Relax Principle #2: Healthy, secure relationships require that we control our own upset.
No one can make us angry without our permission. Upset is not "caused" it is "triggered" Trigger thoughts:

1. Assumed intent 2. Magnification 3. Labeling Principle #3: Start the day the BRAIN SMART way and implement stress reduction activities. Activity to UNITE Pledge of allegiance
Singing Activity to DISENGAGE the stress response (deep breathing & stretching)
S.T.A.R. Activity to CONNECT students and teacher school or class song Activity to COMMIT oneself to learning learning pledge *stress reduction ideas Composure is a reflection of a balanced nervous system. Fight or Flight A neurotransmitter in the brain activates an alarm. First 3 years of life determines level of sensitivity
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