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Eel Anatomy

No description

kevin cowan

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Eel Anatomy

by: Kevin Cowan Digestive System The Alimentary canal in the eel is short and has the esophagus, stomach and intestine connected, and may be separated into a duodenum and small intestine. The eel only needs one stomach because it can expand right after an eel has had a meal, and goes out both the intestines. Skeletal System The eel has a backbone from the skull to the caudal and anal fins. There are three parts to the skull including the jaw. The eel can also dislocate its jaw to eat larger pray. Muscular System An eel has a thin layer of fat, then underneath there is about a 1 inch layer of the thick but strong muscles. Generally, only the moray has muscles on top of its teeth, when the moray bites its pray and flexes its muscles its teeth face toward the tail, when this happens it is nearly impossible for the pray to escape. Excretory System The eel has a brain about the size of an avocado seed. Nervous System An eel's Nervous System is a very thin layer right underneath the muscular system. Reproductive System Females have no claspers on the underside between the pelvic fins. Circulatory System Respiratory System Endocrine System Integumentary System Male's have claspers that are on the underside and between the pelvic fins. Males and females commonly mate during the spring. The eel is a strange sea creature because it has no scales. Some eels are related mostly to catfish. an eels skin is very smooth like, unlike other sea animals their skin is smooth both directions. An eel has two intestines that connect to the anal gland. Eels take two to three hours for the eel to get rid of all the waste. Eels have about to huge slits that are their gills. An eel also has a nose to help it breath. The eel has hormones that exit the body to aware other eels whether they are a male or female. An eels blood stream travels through the muscular system. Eels also have a thin layer of blood streams right below the integumentary system. Generally, the eels Heart is about 4 to 6 inches wide.
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