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Anti-Intellectualism: Why we hate the smart kids.

No description

Calista Melendez

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of Anti-Intellectualism: Why we hate the smart kids.

Anti-Intellectualism: Why we hate the smart kids.
Created by: Calista Melendez, Jiwon Jeon, Grace St-Germain
What is the text about?
Athletic success is thought about as more important than academic success
Harmful stereotypes such as "geek" or "nerd"
"nerds have no lives"
Modern celebrities suggest that intellectualism has no ties to success and social legitimacy
Ignoring intellectuals both in school and later on in life crushes its victims
What is the purpose?
Shed light on the harmful ways we treat intelligent people
Who is the audience?
What genre was used?
What is the authors stance?
What media/design was used?

Long paragraphs
Uses quotes

Formal but still casual and relatable
What are our thoughts?
Stance similar to the writer
Intellectual people deserve more recognition and fairer treatment
Encouraging rather than bringing down people who are very smart and dedicated
" Man how I hate nerds..if I ever had a Tommygun with me.. I would most probably blow each one of their heads off" Pg.759
To give more recognition to intelligent people and their academic success
Media images convince teenagers that you don't need an education to be successful
Don't bully intelligent people; just leave them alone
High school - College
Middle schoolers
Academic Essay
Professional Tone
"Sammy Sosa earned an intimidating eighteen million dollars during the year 2002" Pg. 761
Firmly against the mistreatment of intellectual people and intellectual society
When it comes to success, its better when earned
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