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Iqra Chaudhary

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of segro

You all must be wondering at this moment
what SEGRO is?
And what does it do? Well the answer's is simple watch this presentation and you will soon find out! 'what SEGRO is And what it does.' Before, we begin remember to watch carefully, because they will be a quiz at the end about the whole presentation.
(I know that this presentation will be long but if you all could be patient, that will be much appreciated) Well, we'll start with segro's business.
and what they are: Segro's business
SEGRO is Europe's leading owner-manager and developer of industrial property, with a high-quality portfolio and leading market positions in some of the most attractive markets, including London and the South East of England and major conurbations in Germany, France and Poland.

In the UK they have 3.5 billion of assets, the vast majority of which are in prime locations in and around London, including estates at Park Royal and Heathrow, and in the Thames Valley - which includes the Slough Trading Estate, Europe's largest industrial park in single ownership. In Continental Europe, we have a good platform, with 1.6 billion of assets in several strong industrial and logistics markets including Frankfurt and the Rhine-Rühr region of Germany, the Ile de France region around Paris, and four areas in Poland. Our strengths in developing and managing industrial property estates are underpinned by a diversified income stream from our high-quality customer base across many different industries.
They believe a focus on industrial real estate creates a good basis for building a REIT which can offer its investors an attractive dividend yield and resilient capital growth. SEGRO key facts:

-SEGRO is Europe's leading owner- manager and developer of industrial property.

-SEGRO serves over 1,600 customers across a range of industry sectors and geographies.

-SEGRO's portfolio comprises 5.1 billion of assets concentrated in and around major conurbations and transportation hubs such as airports, ports and transportation networks.

-SEGRO has a high-quality portfolio and leading market positions in some of the most attractive markets, including London and the South East of England and major conurbations in Germany, France and Poland.

-In the UK SEGRO has 3.5 billion of assets, the vast majority of which are in prime locations in and around London, including estates at Park Royal and Heathrow, and in the Thames Valley - which includes the Slough Trading Estate, Europe's largest industrial park in single ownership.

-In Continental Europe, SEGRO has 1.6 billion of assets in several strong industrial and logistics markets including Frankfurt and the Rhine-Rühr region of Germany, the Ile de France region around Paris, and four areas in Poland. Segro Products:

These are Segro's main product types:

Multi-let industrial

Multi-occupier light industrial estates of varying size located in and around attractive, growing and supply-constrained conurbations. There focus is on modern, well-specified and well-located estates. Our estates support a variety of activities, including light manufacturing, showrooms, urban distribution and storage.


Larger distribution warehouses of, typically, 10,000 sq m located in and around major ports and airports and along transportation networks to serve varied distribution needs

Higher value uses

Within there multi-let industrial markets we seek to develop higher value uses to deliver enhanced rents and returns. These uses, which currently represent 21 per cent of portfolio by value, include: data centres, suburban offices, trade counters, car showrooms, research facilities, self-storage. Segro market's:

These are the main markets in which we will operate:

They evaluate the geographical markets in which SEGRO should operate for the size, economic growth potential, attractiveness of the local real estate market, supply/demand dynamics and the competitive landscape. We then select only those geographies where they already have critical mass and a strong market position, or where they believe they can achieve this relatively quickly.

Therefore, for multi-let industrial they are focusing our investments on: Greater London; the Thames Valley and South East of England; Paris and the Ile de France; Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. There primary markets for logistics are: UK (Midlands and South); France (Paris, Ile de France and Lyon); Germany (Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg); Benelux (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Belgian triangle); Poland (Warsaw, Poznan, Lodz and Silesia); and Czech Republic (Prague). Segro History:

Slough Trading Estate was the world's first trading estate and remains the largest in Europe in single ownership. As well as being the economic engine of the Thames Valley, the Estate has always been a place for innovation and serves as a microcosm of industry in the United Kingdom and how business trends have developed.

The Estate began life in 1920 as the site where decommissioned military vehicles from World War One were stored, repaired and disposed of. By 1926, Johnson & Johnson, André Citroën, the Gillette Razor Company, Stanley Black & Decker and sixty others had all opened factories and warehouses on the Estate. They were joined by the confectioner Forrest Mars in 1932. Slough Trading Estate Overview IQ Slough Slough Trading Estate

IQ Slough
The IQ Slough scheme creates a new entrance from Bath Road, leading onto Leigh Road which will be widened to create a tree-lined boulevard. The scheme uses newly available land to the south of the Leigh Road Bridge, including areas along Aberdeen, Argyll and Ajax Avenues as well as Ipswich Road.

The proposals envisage a build out over a 20 year time frame, in line with the wider master plan vision. This will create 2 traffic-free plazas incorporating new offices; two purpose built transport hubs; two hotels; convenience shops; restaurants; cafes; a conference centre; leisure facilities; and a dedicated skills and training centre, a core element known as Slough Aspire. Learning & Development
They believe continuous learning is crucial to the success of SEGRO and for each individual. They want people to enjoy their work and have the opportunity to develop and grow through a continuous process of education and learning. They have developed frameworks and processes to support people in this quest.

They also offer a range of learning opportunities including sponsorship for Professional Qualifications and continuous Professional development. Working at SEGRO

SEGRO is a friendly, vibrant community made up of many different types of people from a variety of backgrounds each bringing with them different experiences and differing perspectives. The common thread is a professional approach to our business, a commitment to the continued success of the company and personal support for each other.

Segro believe SEGRO people are amongst the best in our industry. We have a talented and committed team of employees in the UK and across Continental Europe. There aim is to continue to attract, develop and retain the best and brightest employees in the industry.
They are proud of there track record in spotting and nurturing talent. In 2011 we filled three of the most senior roles in the organisation through internal promotion our Chief Executive, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Investment Officer were all promoted from within. They are also keen to attract people from different sector backgrounds to SEGRO and in 2011 our new Finance Director joined them with experience gained from a variety of financial and management roles across different types of businesses to add to there diversity of thinking and approach.

Segro's Values
To continue to succeed and grow in the future sego need to adapt and change; thinking innovatively about there business, there culture and the way they reward our people.

RESPECT: They treat there customers and each other fairly and courteously with respect for the diversity of there approaches. They are sincere and trustworthy.

PARTNERSHIP: They will serve there customers and each other by building relationships that encourage the sharing of skills, information and ideas.

ENERGY: They are dynamic and enthusiastic. They will look for opportunity and challenge conventional thinking, pushing ourselves to go beyond expectations.

RESPONSIBILITY: There are prepared to take ownership of there work and responsibility for there people. They are ‘spurred on’ to superior performance by there achievements. Well I hope you all listened well now because its time for the QUIZ!!!! Quiz!!! How many plazas are segro going to create? question 4 ANSWERS well the first question is:
what are the values of Segro? Question 1 well, that was a lot of information but I hope you all watched and listened carefull because its time for the quiz. FOR Q1.
RESPECT, PATNERSHIP, RESPONSIBILITY AND ENERGY FOR Q2. -SEGRO's strengths are in developing and managing industrial property estates. QUESTION 2 What are segro's strengths? Question 3 what do segro want their workers to do? for q3. enjoy for q4.
2 for q5.
1,600 There history has been about evolution and moving forward, and a continuing programme of renewal ensures that Slough Trading Estate remains the leading location for business in the South East. 1.4 million sq ft of the Estate has been rebuilt since 2004 and further redevelopment and new construction is continually ongoing. A quick video: about Segro Coporate/coporation. I hope you all learned something today. some General information I thought you all should know.

SEGRO make first LandAid Day donation

LandAid Foundation Partners SEGRO have kicked off fundraising for LandAid Day by donating £2,500! LandAid the property industry charity is aiming to raise over £100,000 on LandAid Day to help young and disadvantaged people around the UK.

LandAid Day will be an opportunity for the whole property industry to come together on the same day, do something fun and fundraise for a good cause. Individuals and companies can take part by doing their own fundraising, making a donation or by taking part in a LandAid Day event such as the Treasure Hunt, Centrepoint Football Challenge or Fairbridge's Mission is Possible. facts continued:

-SEGRO's strengths are in developing and managing industrial property estates.

-SEGRO is headquartered in the UK and listed on the London Stock Exchange.

-SEGRO's major customers include some of the world's best known organisations such as Alcatel-Lucent, Blackberry, British Airways, Jacobs Engineering, Harris Systems, DHL Solutions, Lonza Biologics, Fiat and Ferrari.

-The Slough Trading Estate in the UK is the largest estate of its kind in single ownership in Europe. The Estate is 474 acres, equal to nearly 326 football pitches and bigger than London's Hyde Park. It is home to around 400 companies in 600 buildings, supporting 17,000 jobs.

-In November 2011, SEGRO was awarded the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum Certificate by the US Green Building Council, for one its buildings at Energy Park, Vimercate, Italy. This is the first building in Italy and only one of six buildings in Europe to have received this level of accreditation.

-SEGRO has 19 data centres across its portfolio, covering 127,000 sq m and is a leading UK provider of these types of facilities.

-The Company and its employees are actively engaged in the communities in which they operate. SEGRO invested 1.7 million in good causes and local communities based around its largest business locations during 2011 by donating money, time and business space. Also, Segro are the sponsor's of our school's student of the week by giving prizes to the school so that the head of community can give it to the student that won each week. Question 5 how many customers do segro serve? Go to youtube and type 'Segro coporate.' They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to maximise their potential whilst working with us, and have designed our approach to learning and development to ensure that everyone has access to the right learning opportunities, whether it is 'on the job' training, on-line or a classroom event, and which are relevant to our people and their role.

They know that for learning and development to be effective, it has to be focused and timely. Therefore, we are committed to making any development easily accessible and modular in its approach. Businesses and visitors will benefit from modern, environmentally friendly buildings, more open space and a step change in transport choices, as well as enabling the Estate to play an even bigger role in the community.

Infrastructure works on the IQ Slough scheme has already begun. A number of electricity pylons have been removed from the Estate and the electricity cables grounded in preparation for development to begin. Facts and Figures About there history:

Did you know?

•We are the largest trading estate in Europe under single ownership
•The Estate is 474 acres, equal to nearly 326 football pitches and is bigger than London's Hyde Park
•400 companies are situated here in 600 buildings supporting 17,000 jobs
•We are home to companies from countries including America, Italy, Japan, Germany, Korea and China
•The first ever Mars Bar was made here in 1932 and 3,000,000 Mars Bars are produced here every day
•The Estate's power station is one of the most environmentally friendly and technologically advanced in Europe
•30,000,000 litres of water can be stored in our reservoirs, pumped straight from our own artesian wells
History & Innovation

•During World War II, the Estate was involved in manufacturing engines and parts for the Spitfire, Lancaster and Halifax aircraft
•The original Ford GT40 was developed here in the ' 60s
•Gerry Anderson developed and filmed his world-famous Thunderbirds TV series on the Estate In the 1950s, there was a visible shift from heavy to lighter industry on the Estate, with production ranging from food and medicines to clothing, toiletries and even ice skates. By 1959, 240 manufacturers occupied 600 factories.

The 1980s saw the zone to the west of London become a centre for electronic and IT-related industries. This was mirrored on the Estate, with knowledge-based businesses in the computer, communications and pharmaceutical sectors moving to Slough.

Today, there are 17,000 people working for 400 companies on the Estate, which include Telefonica O2, Ferrari Maserati, LG Electronics and (still) Stanley Black & Decker. Slough Trading Estate working offifces in the olden days. When reviewing talent, they look across the entire business with the aim of spotting talent early and growing our own successors for key roles. Our ambition is to make sure every individual has the opportunity to maximize their potential and their careers with SEGRO.

At SEGRO there are a wide variety of jobs in a variety of European locations. If you want to know more about what it’s like to work at SEGRO take a look at our videos and hear what our people say about working here.

"We recognise that people are central to there business and they are committed to helping our employees enhance their capabilities and realise their potential. That’s why they attract the best people and it’s why they retain the best people."
David Sleath, Chief Executive
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