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By: Adamaris Romero

No description

Adamaris Romero

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of By: Adamaris Romero

Option #2
I continue to drive the really junky car from college and invest the entire 35,000 dollars.
Years to grow Future Value Money Made
5 years $42,076.85 $7,076.85
10 years $50,584.61 $15,584.61
20 years $73,108.64 $38,108.64
30 years $105,662.05 $70,662.05

Option # 1
Option 1. You can buy 50,000 dollar car with a note at 5% compounded monthly, and conyinue to live at home. This will result in a 283 dollar a month payment for 60 months.
The stock that i chose was Abercrombie & Fitch Company Com from the Apparel store industry. It had 3.70% interest rate.
By: Adamaris Romero
I chose option two because I already have a car and I can invest all $35,000 instead of spending it to buy another one.
Option #3
You can buy a less expensive 20,000 dollar car and invest 15,000 dollars. If we chose to invest 15,000, we can pick a single stock that pays a dividend quarterly.
Comparing option #1 and Option #2
If you pick option one instead of option #2 youre going to have a expenside car however you're going to have no money, live at home and you're also going to be in debt.
Comparing option #2 and option #3
If you pick option #3 you're not going to have the same car you used in high school and in the long run you're going to get more money than in option #2.
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