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Outliers : Chapter 5

No description

Evie Khang

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Outliers : Chapter 5

Outliers Chap. 5
Main Idea
The success rate of people depends on where they came from, their skill set, time period, and the circumstances that were presented to them.
Authors Purpose
The meaning of chapter is that because of the Garment Industry the Jewish immigrants were able to make money using their tailoring skills.
Significant Quotes
140-141 : "It was clothes. Everywhere around him stores were opening. Suits, dresses, overalls, shirts, skirts, blouses,trousers, all made and ready to be worn. Coming from a world where clothing was sewn at home by hand or made to order by tailors, this was a revalation.
Chapter 5 was about Joe Flom explaining about his life as a jewish immigrant and about how Immigrants used their tailoring skills to their advantage in the garment industry.
pg. 145 : "There is no doubt that those Jewish immigrants arrived at the perfect time, with the perfect skills. Says the seciolologist Stephen Steinburg. To exploit that oppurtunity had to have certain virtues, and these immigrants worked hard."
By : Zachary Holmes and Evie Khang

Outliers : Chapter 5
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