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Welcome to the Dance Saves Lives Team!

No description

Adrian Brambila

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to the Dance Saves Lives Team!

Welcome to the Dance Saves Lives Team!
We are excited to have you as a blogger!
Together we will create new roads combining the vocation of helping others through the outlet of dance!
As a blogger you represent the voice of Dance Saves Lives
Blogging is more than just text on a page. A blog is an opportunity to truly engage, captivate, and even motivate anyone who reads it. Whether you are blogging about tips for stretching, how to help dancers get better technique, or an interview with a professional dancer; your goal for every blog is to engage/excite/motivate/inform the reader.
What will you write about!?
Good question. You can write anything your heart desires! Behind the scenes of blogging is something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the ability to make your blog visible for people to see it. After all... what is the point of writing these awesome blogs if no one can see them? If you are interested in pursuing a career in business, specifically marketing, SEO is one of the most sought out, valuable skills you can have on a resume. Besides your own topics, we will provide you with keyword research looking at trends in the online dance community where there is a lot of traffic, but not so much competition for content online. For example, let us say there was a dance audition on America's Got Talent that went viral. We would want to try to capture some of that attention right away and would send the opportunity to our blogging team for anyone to write. First come, first serve!
Search engine optimization... is that hard to learn?
Even though SEO sounds complicated, it is as easy as a tilt jump! Promise :) Here is another example of topics you might get from us. Let's say there has been a huge increase on learning how to do a pirouette. We would send this as a potential topic because of the increase in traffic it is getting online. All of our topics will come from analytical research through search engine marketing. Don't worry, you don't have to do any of that boring stuff, all you have to do is write great blog posts! Learning SEO is really simple and Dance Saves Lives will do a video chat training seminar with all of our bloggers for a fundamental run through. We promise that it is nothing to worry about. In fact, part of the reason we picked you as a blogger is because you are already doing great writing for SEO and you may not even know it! In addition to our initial training webinar, we will do occasional video hangouts with our blogging team for updates and new trainings! The beautiful thing about the digital age is we can work from places all around the world. We like to think of ourselves as one big family :).
Shhh... don't tell anyone, but we treat our bloggers the best!
It's ok to have favorites... right?
We have been known to reward our bloggers based on good work. One of our bloggers wrote an article 6 months ago that is still getting over 50 views a day! Let's just say we are treating her pretty nicely with some free gifts, such as free Dance Saves Lives gear, iTunes gift card, Starbucks gift card, and even paying for a dance class! The bottom line is that we know you are a volunteering your own personal time to help be a part of our mission and although we operate as a not for profit, we want to still reward you for doing great work. If you end up being the writer behind an epic article that people are sharing causing traffic to our site, let's just say, it won't go unnoticed.
Right now you are at the tip of the toe... literally
Here at Dance Saves Lives we want you to be a leader, voice your opinion, be an individual! We want your creativity, heart, and soul to pour into your writing. This isn't English class or a finals 17 page essay that you waited last minute to write! We don't want bland boring text. We want life inspiring, lesson altering, witty fun posts! We want your personality to show through your writing so that by simply writing an article a reader can tell that you enjoy writing and even can understand how you act, believe, and see things in real life. As a dancer you know that there is a part of us that likes being in the spotlight. One of the greatest powers of an exceptional dancer is the ability to seize a moment and capture attention. Well that is what we want you to do with your writing. Do you know that the average person online makes up there mind if they are going to stay on a page in less than 7 seconds!? 7 SECONDS! That means you only have that much time to convince someone that your blog is worth staying for! #bloggerproblems #toughlife #ImWorthReading
How long should a blog be? How often should I blog?
Woah slow down with those questions! A decent blog post is around 300-500 words. However, for SEO, the more quality content you have the better your chances are of it being seen. We require a minimum of 2 blogs per month from each of our bloggeres. We have some bloggers that post every week, and then we have some that write 4 blog posts at a time but schedule them out for the month. If you truly love writing and want to post every week we encourage you! Or if you just want to write the required 1 post every 2 weeks that is perfectly fine with us.
How do I post a blog?
We use a Content Management System called Wordpress. Without all the big words you can compare it to another social media platform. Wordpress is like the engine to our website. One of the first things we will do is set up a profile for you with a picture and short bio which will go on all of your blog posts. Again, it is super easy to learn and nothing to worry about!
Everything sounds awesome! When do I start?
Your official start date is going to be effective
January 1st 2014. Before that date there is a couple things we need to get from you to make that happen! I would tell you what they are but this box is running out of space... catch you at the next slide!
What's Next?
In this email you should have received another
attachment of a volunteer contract. Fill that out and send it to adrian@dancesaveslives.org. In that same email, send us your physical address so we can send you some free gear! Lastly, we need a 2-4 sentence short bio of yourself that will appear on all your blogs as well as any social media platforms or personal websites you would like displayed and credited for on your content. After we receive these, we will schedule a welcome webinar and go over some onboard training to get you set up and blogging! Please let us know if you have any questions! - Adrian
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