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Art Careers

Get on the Fast Track to a Career in the Arts

Brian Chow

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Art Careers

Art Careers
Art School vs.
Traditional University
The World is Changing
The Myth of the
Starving Artist
Fast Track to a Career in the Visual Arts
An Art Career Path
Starts Right Here!
Agrarian Society = Farmers
Industrialization = Factory Worker
Modern Era / Information Age = Knowledge workers
(engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc.)
is a 19th Century Notion
Choose the right school for you.
Graphic Design
Interactive Design
Interior Designer
Sound Effects
Medical Illustrator
Automation, Abundance, Asia
USC = $42,818
36,896 Enrollment
UCLA =$11,604
39,593 Enrollment
Maryland Institute College of Art = $37,470
($8,000 merit-based scholarship) 1,737 Enrollment
Rhode Island School of Design = $39,777
2,406 = Enrollment
Laguna College of Art & Design =$23,730
est. 450= Enrollment
Savannah College of Art & Design =$30,510
10,461 =Enrollment
Art Schools & Colleges
Accredited School
4 year* Program
Specialized Curriculum
Small Teacher : Student
Professors are often Industry Professionals
Excellent Job Placement & Assistance/ Record
Liberal Arts Curriculum*
Limited Extra & Co-curricular activities
Reputation rests on the success of their Alumni!

Traditional Univ.
Accredited School
4 year* Program
Curriculum Divided into smaller schools
(i.e.; School of Art & Design)
Large Teacher:Student
Curriculum Variety
Extensive Extra & Co-curricular Activities
Shepard Fairey
RISD - Illustration
Banksy Phone Booth
Auctioned in 2008 for $100,000
Case Study #2 2006-09: Computer Graphics/ Animation
3 years experience = $75,000 +
6 years experience = $115,000 +
Graphic Designer (print)
8 years experience ≈ $71,000
13 years experience $90,000 +
Creative side:
Directors, Story Writers, Filmmakers
Concept, Layout & Storyboard Artists
Modelers, Animators (hard & soft)
Technical Directors (lighting, sound, Software Engineers/”Riggers”)

Art directors 84,200
Multimedia artists and animators 79,000
Fine artists, including painters, sculptors and illustrators 23,600
Craft artists 13,600
Artists and related workers, all other 21,500
Art + Science
Symmation- www.symmation.com/
abp- www.medical-animations.com/index.php
221,900 nationwide

Guest Speakers
Mari-Esther Kaplan
Sherry Cox
Steve Cox
Tim Duncan
Tiffany Jon
Russell Leong
Mary Linduska
Conan Low
Cisco Rivera
Actor & Comedian
Interior Design
Digital Audio
Industrial/Interactive Design
Graphic Design
Vocal Performance, Conduction, Education
Illustration, Animation & Visual Effects
Filmmaking & Photography
Entertainment Industry
Second largest employer in California
Industry Profile: Animation
Conceptual Age = Problem solvers Right-Brain thinking, “thinking outside the box”, creative solutions and innovation for a creative economy.
Art 4
Art 3
Art 2
Art 1
Photography 2
Photo 1
Ceramics 4
Ceramics 3
Ceramics 2
Ceramics 1
CTE Commercial Art
Advanced Multimedia & Technology
Build a Portfolio Here:
Case Study #1 2006
Case Study #2 2006
South Park
Motivated Individuals with a Passion for Art
Strong - Excellent Portfolio
Strong Letters of Recommendation
Strong Essay / Letter of Intent
G.P.A & Test Scores, Yes grades matter.
A passion for using your art to contribute to your community and the world in general.
What's Next?
Building a Portfolio
(take MV Art Classes)
Applying & Working toward
2007 =Over $600,000
2008 =Over $500,000 (11/18)
2009 =Over $400,000 (6/19)
2010 =Over $750,000 (7/16)
Need & Merit-Based
Chuck Close
Unv. Washington, MFA Painting Yale
"Eric", 1990
Art Schools Want:
November 2013
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