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Harlem Renaissance

This is just some info on the Harlem Renniasance......hope u like it:)

Emani Helaire

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Harlem Renaissance

Louis Armstrong:
America Today

Music in Harlem
Duke Ellington:
Brooks, Marcus. “Writers in the Harlem Renaissance.” 9 June 2012. 4 June 2013.
<aalbc.com/authors/ harelme.htm>.

“Duke Ellington-music biography, credits and discography.” 15 June 2013.
“Harlem Renaissance.” 2013. 8 June 2013.
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www.boundless.com/the culture of change/the jazz age.

Works Cited:
1) What is another name for the Harlem Renaissance?

A. New Negro Era
B. Civil War Era
C. Harlem Shake Era

2) Who was the leader of the New Negro movement?
A. Nixon
B. Looke
C. Ellington

3) What is jazz music combine with?
A. African beats and European elements
B. American and African
C. Techno and rock

4) What was Duke Ellington’s originally named?
A. Percy Jackson
B. Louis Armstrong
C. Edward Kennedy Ellington

5) Zora Neale Hurston, Jessie Redmon, & James Weldon Johnson were all writers in the Harlem Renaissance.
A. True
B. False

The Beginning:
Harlem in the 1920's:
The New Negro:
Renaissance: meaning rebirth or new start.
This period in time followed the Civil War.
It was a cultural movement that
began in the 1920's.
Also known as the
"New Negro Era."
It was known as the most difficult time for African Americans

politically, but the best time for them to express themselves as well.
It was also in the time of the Great Depression.
New negro: changed up coming person in life, or selfconfidence to follow your own path.
The term "New Negro" came from the book written by
Alain Looke called The New Negro.
Alain Looke also was the leader of
The New Negro Movement in 1920.
This word was
mostly used as slang
amongst the African American people in the 1920's and it was also a word used to compare the "Old Negro", with the "New Negro".
This movement had such an impact on African Americans in: Britain, The Carribean's, West Indies, Paris as well.
Next Slide.............;)
Literature made a big change in the 1920's.
It gave African Americans a chance to be just as equal to other writers too, and to create their own masterpieces as well.
Many artist such as:
Zora Neale Hurston
* titain in literature in the 1920's*
Jessie Redmon:

* editor for W.E.B.Dubois*
James Weldon Johnson:
* wrote the Negro National Anthem( Lift Every Voice).
These African Americans took a chance at this period and were also able to express themselves in their writen works and it remade this time too.
Art work from the
view of clubs in the
Louis Armstrong
Harlem in
the 1920's.
The Great Migration:
The Great Migration was a time during the
renaissance where African Americans decided
to move from the south to the North
, between
1916-1970. By them moving, it established the city
of Chicago, which had a huge impact from the Harlem Renaissance.
Artists from top to bottom:
1. Jessie Redmon
2. James Weldon Johnson
3.Zora Neale Hurston
4. W.E.B.Dubois
*Video of how music played a part in the Harlem renaissance: including famous musicians too:)
Music during the Harlem Renaissance became a huge contributor to the culture and the atmosphere of the time too.
*Jazz Music
: it was a form of music that was combined with African beats and European elements.
*Blues music
: originated from spirituals, work songs, and simple narrative ballads.
There were many musicians that had emerged in this period such as :
1. Duke Ellington
2. Louis Armstrong
3. Ray Charles
4. Billie Holiday......etc.
Also, without African Americans coming from the great Migration, there would be none of these famous people around, and probably no blues music either.
Born on
April 29, 1899
Originally named Edward Kennedy Ellington, but
he goes by "Duke Ellington"
Started playing piano at the age of
15 years old
He is known as the founding father of Jazz Music

Born on August 4, 1901
in New Orleans

Died on July 6, 1971
in New York
His nickname was "POPS"
He was a well known singer, trumpet
player, & band leader.
He is one of the most influential artists
in jazz history.
Billlie Holiday
Ray Charles
Nat King Cole
Without the Harlem Renaissance coming into play, there would not be more of an impact in literature and in music as well. It also played a great role in removing racial discrimination between whites and blacks in America too. It creates a sum what inspiration to many Americans as well. It drew up many new artists and created a confidence for African Americans to be bold enough to place them out there.

Continued Questions:

6) When was Louis Armstrong born?
A. June 11, 2013
B. August 4, 1901
C. December 25, 1941

7) Who is another famous musician in the 1920’s:
A. Billie Holiday
B. Channing Tatum
C. Langston Hughes

8) Blues music originated from where?
A. Spirituals, work songs, and simple narrative ballads.
B. Hymnals
C. Hip hop and R&B

9) Who wrote the Negro National Anthem ( Lift Every Voice)?
A. Malcom X
B. Duke Ellington
C. James Weldon Johnson

10) Was the term New Negro mostly used as slang?
A. True
B. False
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