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Kathy Richardson Math

No description

Fiona Santiago

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Kathy Richardson Math

Kathy Richardson
Math Who is Kathy Richardson? Developing Math Concepts in Pre-K Developing Number Concepts Understanding Numbers Assessing Math Concepts Understanding Geometry Assessing Math Concepts Kathy Richardson is an elementary math
teacher with over 30 years experience
working with students in the classroom.
She began working with educators to
improve math instruction at the
elementary level and went on to
devleop an array of math assessment
and curriculum materials. Math curriculum for preschoolers that
focuses on the following key mathematical areas:
Sorting and Classifying
Data Collection K-3 math series for number operations.
Designed to help children develop an
understanding and competence in:
number relationships
place value
division. Complete K-3 resource to help children
develop spatial awareness and an in-
depth understanding of two-and-three
dimensional concepts. Math stations for grades K-3. This
series provides children with meaningful
practice necessary to develop an understanding
of the underlying structure of numbers,
number relationships, and operations. Concepts
presented in the stations are foundational to
developing computational fluency.

Each book consists of eight stations that present
a variety of activities that focus on one major mathematical concept. Stations are meant to practiced repeatedly to proficiency. A series of 9 research-based assessments.
The assessments are designed to reveal
children's understanding of key math concepts and follow a child's growth through "critical
learning phases". Assessments are conducted
in a 1:1 interview format using paper and pencil
or the technology component: AMC Anywhere. Assessment results are linked directly to the Developing Number Concepts series. Used in combination, AMC and DNC can support implementation of K-2 math RtI initiatives (screening, diagnosing, and monitoring progress of Tier 2 and Tier 3 students in the following areas:
Counting Objects
Beginning Number Relationships
Comparing Numbers
Identifying and Combining Parts
Number Combinations
Decomposing Numbers
Ten and Some More
Numbers as Tens and Ones
Combining and Separating Tens and Ones Lessons are "expandable" (ideal for RtI). Additional Resources How Children Learn Number Concepts Professional Development Resources (DVDs, Math Perspectives web site)
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