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Michael Curran

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Applying Watson Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center What Is...Watson? Conclusion Benefits and Problems with AI Designed by IBM to compete in Jeopardy Artificial Intelligence Jake Graham, Quentin Bubb,
Michael Curran, and Eric Anderson
April 29, 2013
AIMS 2710 What people think when they hear the words Artificial Intelligence... AI In Our Daily Lives Robotics- no longer dumb computers Automatic Vacuum Voice Recognition- Siri Self Driving Cars- Google Artificial Intelligence Defined The techniques and software that enable computers to mimic human behavior in various ways. A major thrust in this field is to develop computer functions associated with human intelligence History of Artificial Intelligence - Ancient Egypt - Idea of an artificial brain - Game AI - Turing Test - Dartmouth Conference - The Expert System AI in the Field Medical- Diagnostics Military- "Smart Drones", Planning tools Future Trends in AI Expert System Websites More use of Expert Systems Robotics Self operating technology Closing Remarks - Future of Humanity Institute - Is AI making progress? Will Artificial Intelligence surpass our own? Data Mining Basket Analysis
Sales Forecasting
Merchandise Planning
Call Detail Record Analysis Customer Loyalty
Market Segmentation
Product Production
Warranties Recognizes natural language Access to 4 terabytes of information to answer questions Finance- Autonomous machines - Is AI a threat? Question Answering (QA) system Extracting information from a data set and transforming it into understandable knowledge for future use Potential from Data Mining 90% of nurses who use Watson follow its guidance Business Augment decision making process FOREX Market Software Inside Edge
Rapidminer vs R
Advanced Scout Data Mining Software WORKS CITED Benefits Tasks are completed faster and more efficiently.
Reduces costs
Avoidance of emotional/biased view of human decision making
Avoidance of high-risk jobs Problems Replaces jobs
Cannot empathize/sympathize
Ethical Issues
Privacy Concerns Privacy Concerns with Data Mining & Social Media http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_artificial_intelligence








Livingston, S. Jared. “Invasion Contracts: The Privacy Implications of Terms of Use Agreements In the Online Social Media Setting.” Albany Law Journal

Okur, Mehmet Cudi. “Privacy Protection Problems In Social Networks.” Journal of Yasar University




http://www.analyticbridge.com/group/miningterabytesofdata/forum/topics/comparison-on-rapidminer-sas-enterprise-miner-r-and-orange More Neural Network Abilities
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