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Marketing Research

No description

Danielle Spoutz

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Research

Marketing Research - Marriott
Marriott most likely used nonprobability sampling.
Sent out the survey to their customers, not specific on how they selected these customers
Received feedback from 700 respondents in 30 days
Prepare and Present the Report
Written and Oral presentation about the data.
Research proposal - measuring the quality
Mobile platform was success - Rated #1 mobile hotel site.
Marriott's Sales jumped and are expected to continue increasing by double digits.
Identify the Opportunity
Marriott customers are mainly on the go business men and women.

Wanted to provide another customer service platform through mobile devices, with the chance of also increasing sales.
Collect Primary Data
Mobile Survey
Questions kept short and concise-Designed for speed
Questions focused on:
sight functionality
usage patterns
feedback on a new city guide feature
Analyze the data
Overwhelming positive feedback.
Helped produce a functional and customer friendly mobile service.
Found that customers really enjoyed the city guide feature.
Received a better picture on customer's usage.
Took the survey at home.
Plan the Research Design and Gather Secondary Data
Secondary Data: By upgrading their website, Marriott was able to collect data about their users. They saw that most customers were using Blackberries.

Research Design: Specifically Marriott used
survey research
to obtain their primary research. With survey research, the researcher interacts with others to gather their information. Chose to conduct survey over their mobile devices in order to assure immediacy for their customers.
Marriott is a multibillion dollar company
Understands the changing technology in the market place
Opportunity to upgrade their mobile market
Conducted Market Research
Specify the sampling procedures
Identify and formulate the problem/opportunity.

Plan the research design and gather secondary data.

Specify the sampling procedures.

Collect primary data.

Analyze the data.

Prepare and present the report.

Follow up
Follow Up
Analysis of the report and whether it helped the way it needed to.

Marriott's research and surveys paid off in the end with the expected jump in revenue and customer satisfaction.
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