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The Respiratory System

the respiratory system

osasu ewansiha

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of The Respiratory System

Double click anywhere & add an idea Osasu & Chronic Bronchities Emphysema Lung Cancer Tuberculosos THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM Diseases Chronic Bronchities is a disease
in which the bronchi gets swollen
and clogged with mucus and makes simple
activities difficult.
-Prevention- Stop smoking, its horrible for your lungs Emphysema is caused by long term
smoking. As a result you loose elasticity
in the tissues of the lungs and that
makes it difficult to breath.
Prevention- to prevent emphysema
it is important that you dont smoke
and keep away from second-hand smoking.
Avoid air pollution, get lots of exercise.
and improve your diet. Lung Cancer is cancer to the lungs and develops in the tubes that carry air in and out of the lungs.
What happens is, cells become abnormal and get out of control, they then form a clump which is called a tumour.
Prevention- stop the use of tobacco and mainain a healthy diet. Tuberculosis also known as known as TB is a bacterial disease transmitted by aoughs and sneezes. this is what emphysema
looks like. eww right The basic function of the respiratory
system is to bring the exchange of oxygen
and carbon dioxide between our blood, the
air and oue tissues the pharynx is a passageway for air and food. The air moves this
organ into the trachea which allows air to pass into some of the tissues in the body. the larynx has two elastic folds of tissue
which are the vocal cords.Muscles pull these cords together and when they do the air that
moves between them makes the cords vibrate and produce SOUND!!!!!!!!! the bronchi is the chest cavity.Every bronchus goes into one of the lungs and in each lung, the large bronchus divides into smaller ones.This leads to smaller passageway which are called bronchioles air is moved through our noses,pharynx,
larynx,trachea and lungs. The trachea then branches into smaller tubes whichare called bronchioles,after reaching the lungs.The bronchioles then end in the alveoli(air sacs) HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS!!!!!! Homeostasis Homeostasis is the regulation of a blood gas compositionthat is compatible with maintaining cellular homeostasis. If the lung capillary exchangebarrier does not stop the exchange of any gas, then the blood that leaves the lungs will have oxygen and carbon dioxide pressures that are found in the alveoli. THIS IS GAS EXCHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!111 The Interaction With Other Body Systems The Digestive System Skeletal System The Circulatory System Nervous System The Digestive System helps the respiratory system by giving the lungs nutrients and the respiratory heleps the digestive by giving it oxygen. it helps the repiratory system
by protecting the lungs as a sheild.
It keeps the luns protected and he-
lps with movement as well. The delivering of carbon dioxide and
waste products helps the respiratory
system transport nutrients to help keep
the lungs clean and healthy. the respiratory
system helps the circulatory system by all-
owing air to keep it working. helps push air into and out
of the respiratory system through
the contraction and relaxing of
the diaphragm.In return the
respiratory system delivers air to
the muscles with its lungs. The Muscular System It helps the respiratory system
by letting us feel and know when we
are breathing. Proper Nutritions Eat healty foods that will help
your respiratory system. Drink Water Drink a healthy amount of good
quality water. Rest Resting your body will also rest your lungs,
stay relaxed Exercise Daily exercising will help your lungs. No Air Pollution Exposure to pollution in the air can have harmful results on humans. it can also cause some respiratory disorders. DON'T SMOKE!!!
pain=life long agony
and possible death smoking=pain smoking tobacco and cigarettes can cause
many respiratory diseases like lung cancer.
it is unhealthy because it contains nicotine,
a powerful drug that affects the heart
and blood vessels. Smoking can lead to illne-
sses and disorders and they can lead to death. Caring for the System CURRENT TECHNOLOGY CT scanners show cross sectional pictures of the body using x-rays and computers. It allows doctors to look at the inside of the body. X-Ray's help doctors find and treat medical conditions. It makes images of the heart,lungs, blood vessels,and bones of the chest as well. Two types of x-ray machines are chest x-ray's and bone x-ray's ha ha Homer!!!! The lung is the most important organ in the human body
every minute you breathe in about 13 pints of air
getting sick with a cold has nothing to do with being out in the freezing air, its REALLY because of the germs flying in the air when sneezing or coughing.
Our right lung is larger than our left so it is able to accomodate the heart. Smart right:)
we yawn because our brain sees that there are low levels of oxygen in our lungs and response so we take in a huge amount of oxygen.
laughing helps boost the immune system
children laugh 300 times a day and,well adults laugh only about 15 to 100 times a day. MAN THAT SUCKS:(
when dust particles get in our nose our body gets rid of them by snezzing.

INTERESTING FACTS.YAYYYYY!!!!!! The bronchioles divide and reach
dead ends which are millions of
air sacs called alveolis. The alveoli is a very delicate organ
that contains thin-capillaries that surround each alveolus. the real work of the respiratory system happens here. Disorders ASTHMA asthma is caused by allergies from dust,mold and pollen
the effects of this disorder is having a hard time breathing. it also causes the bronchial tubes to constrict or close in.
to prevent asthma, keep away from dust,mold,or pollen. do not smoke, that will only make things worse Pneumonia it causes the lungs to fill up with fluid
it affects the whole lung and not just the bronchi.
to prvent this ,avoid contact with people
who have respiratory tract infections like colds and flu, wash your hands often and get yearly vaccinations.

Respiratory therapist: the administer prescribed treatments to patients with respiratory illnesses. they teach breathing exercises and help with the respiratory system. Salary- $47,902-69,506
Respiratory coordinator: they organize, direct and make sure the respiratory department works effectively. Salary- $19.83-28.15
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