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Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Pro's and Con's of the theory

Diana H-J

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Taking Sides: Topic 1 Can Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences Transform Educational Practice? Intelligences Applied Pro Howard Gardner's
Theory of Multiple Intelligences What are the Multiple Intelligences? Linguistic
Existentialist Personal profile:
Searchlight Collaboration
Personal Development
Differentiated Instruction
Rich Experiences Interaction types:
Enhancement Con Too Broad
No Research
No Assessments
Lowers Motivation Born July 11, 1943
American Developmental Psychologist
Professor of Cognition and Education at Harvard University
Author of "Frames of Mind" (1983) Reference:

Moran, S., Kornhaber, M., Gardner, (2006). Orchestrating Multiple Intelligences. Educational Leadership, September.

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Diagram of the Multiple Intelligences. (2013) [Web diagram of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner]. Theories in Career Tech. Retrieved from http://theoriesincareertech.wikispaces.com/theory+of+multiple+intelligence.

Chislett, V., and Chapman, A., (2005-06). Multiple Intelligences Test – Based on Howard Gardner’s MI Model. Retrieved from http://www.businessballs.com/freepdfmaterials/free_multiple_intelligences_test_manual_version.pdf
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