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Non-academic Presentation

This is for completing the documents necessary for entering ELS Houston and for learning important information to get started here.

Jessica Stanley

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Non-academic Presentation

Financial Guarantee Letter from SACM

You MUST give this to Silvia (The Registrar) Houston municipal bus and light rail service is called METRO.
One ride is $1.25, but as a student you are eligible for a 50% discount card (Q-Card).
With the Q-Card you pay.60 cents per ride.

Here is what you need to take to the METRO office for your discount card:

Letter of Enrollment
Student ID

Please read your Student Handbook pg. 12 for
directions and instructions Public Transportation & Q-Card:
Do NOT walk around with a lot of cash.

Avoid walking after dark; never alone.

Do NOT carry a lot of valuables.

Remember to lock your doors (car, house, apt.).

Do NOT leave valuables in your car.

Please read your Student Handbook for
more information. Safety Tips: Remember, it is very dangerous to drink alcohol and drive an automobile. If you are 21 or older and drink at a party or club, be sure of the following:

Designated Driver (one person will NOT drink)

He/she can then safely drive you home

If everyone is drinking alcoholic beverages, you MUST take a taxi.

Please read your Student Handbook for
more information. Drinking and Driving: ALL STUDENTS are required to have health insurance coverage.
If you have your own, we need a copy.
If you do not, you must purchase the ELS Language Centers Insurance Plan. Medical Insurance: Do you have medical
insurance that is valid
in the United States? ID Card REQUIRED for UST facilities:

Bus (Q-Card)
Movie Theatre
Houston Zoo
Nelore Churrascaria
Black Lab ELS ID Card Information: xxxx xxxxxx Extremely important that we have your current address.

If you move during your stay at ELS, update your current address with the International Student Advisor or Registrar.

Failure to give us your new address could result in a possible deportation.

For detailed immigration information regarding your F1 status please read Appendix 12: ELS immigration Information for Students in your Orientation Package. Change of Address for F-1 Students: Please out this form as accurately as possible.

Please call someone if you are unsure of your address.

We must have this form today.

*ELS Apartments: Richmont Square
1400 Richmond Avenue
Apt. #________
Houston, TX 77006 Blue Form: ELS Language Centers Where and when do I pay my school fees?
What choices do I have for lunch?
Does ELS have WI-FI?
Can I use the Center computers to print my homework?
Can I get a social security card?
Can I receive mail/packages at ELS? Where? How? Frequently Asked Questions: Put your money in a bank as soon as possible after you arrive in the US. There are many banks to choose from in this area. Here is what you need:

Your passport.
Your money!
Letter of Enrollment. (some banks)

Please read your Student Handbook pg.15 for
directions and instructions Banking: Please carry your documentation with you at all times, especially when traveling outside the city otherwise you could be detained by immigration. Traveling Outside the City: When you rent a car you must have:

Credit Card
Valid Driver’s License

In Texas you have to be 21 or older to rent a car. If you are pulled over/stopped by the police you must show:

Valid Driver’s License

Please read your Student Handbook for locations. Renting a Car: You can Drive in the U.S. if you have a valid driver’s

Refer to your Student Handbook for information on
Texas Driver’s License.

If your license expires, you CANNOT drive in the U.S.

You may speak to the ISA if you need information.

You must have your I-20 if you want a drivers license. Driving and Cars: You will need your passport and this
form for your ID Card.

Students can go starting tomorrow,
TUESDAY to go and get your ID. ELS ID Form: 3) I-20 Form (F/1 visa only) 2) I-94 Card 1) Passport/VISA These are the documents we need from you today: VISAs & Immigration Information: If you drive to the Center we have:
8 parking spots outside the entrance [ELS RESERVED]
Free street parking near the Center
Parking garage across the street for $4 per day
UST parking garage for $2 per day



If you park in these spaces, your car will be towed and it
will cost you more than $100 to get it back.

NOTICE: Absolutely no parking at the CVS Pharmacy . Parking at ELS: Houston @ The University of St. Thomas Who's Who? Ray Trantham Brenda Winch Nathan Herrington Silvia Scholer Mathelda Molina Pablo Hernandez Debbie Johns Center Director Academic Director International Student Advisor Registrar SEVIS Coordinator Assistant to the Registrar IELTS Administrator Housing Coordinator Stuart Scholer Barbara Land Homestay Coordinator Students MUST have this
BEFORE beginning classes Non-Academic Prezi Information and Content by Nathan Herrington &Sara Nevarez Prezi design by Jessica Stanley
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