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Literacy is Now Served

This presentation presents valuable information about literacy and its importance within schools. Educators will gain information and learn about strategic teaching and strategies that can be used to assist students in the area of literacy.

Renata Hollins

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Literacy is Now Served

this career Job Description Working Conditions Skills Necessary Personal Attribute Education Necessary for Entry Level Position My life as a chef... Salary range What is
Literacy? I have
creativity It helps us to become better learners in all subject areas and all grades. Helps us to function as
family members,
working citizens,
and lifelong learners Incorporate Strategic Teaching Strategies and Literacy in ALL areas It helps to increase the quality of life for all and their family Benefits of
Good Literacy Skills It allows us the ability to read and
understand instructions and processes
that engage with technology proficiently
to interact with others around the world Impact of Poor Literacy Skills higher rates of unemployment increased health issues poor educational outcomes increased welfare dependence low self-esteem increased anti social behaviours ❤ Components of a Strategic Lesson T.W.I.R.L. Explicit Instruction Instructional Strategies Before, During, After Strategies Daily outcomes Literacy and Its Impact on Economics This hinders their ability to: read classified adds, fill out applications, or obtain well paying jobs Apprentices and Lower-Level Chefs
Apprentices get help from more experienced chefs. Literacy is the foundation for learning and success throughout life. It is essential for living in the complexity of today's world. Literacy is not only associated with the area of reading, but also with mathematics, science, history, and other courses as well. Literacy is crucial to the success of individuals. It is more than a basic reading ability but the indication of how we function in society. Literacy is the ability to read,
write, use numbers, handle information, express ideas, and opinions, and make decisions and solve problems. by: Renata Hollins
Assistant Principal/Instructional Assistant
The Calhoun School
Lowndes County Public School System Specials (Agenda) Purposes of BDA Strategies What's the Issue It is fundamental for learning
in school. It has an impact on an individual ability to participate in society and to understand
important issues. Literacy
Is Important Because Sources used in Presentation Thank you for listening !!! Increased chances of employment.
Increased self-confidence.
Increased community participation.
Increased socially acceptable behaviors.
Reduced financial cost to the community.
Increased health benefits. z Literacy is
now Served Appetizer (Before) Entree' (During) Dessert (After) Objective: To define and discuss literacy and its importance across content area and demonstrate how strategic teaching can assist teachers in student learning. What is literacy? Importance of literacy. Issues with literacy. Literacy in other content areas. Strategic teaching. Strategies that work. By the end of this workshop, you will have a better understanding of literacy and strategies that can be incorporated into your existing instruction. More than three out of four candidates who receive welfare benefits have poor literacy skills. 68% of those arrested have poor literacy skills. This causes valuable tax dollars to be put into housing and feeding prisoners instead of educating youth. At least 32% of Americans who have poor literacy skills also have poor health/health care. Citizens with poor literacy skills often lack access to proper health care and medication. Information obtained from the Washington Literacy Council, 2012. So what can we do to help? Poster Activity Poster Activity trategies That Matter Many strategies can be used, just choose the strategies that best fit your students. Admit/Exit Cards 5-3-1 Strategy Carousel Brainstorming Text Coding Anticipation Guide Paired Reading Concept Mapping Headline It Stop & Jot KWL Chart Literature Question/Response Cards 5 W's & How Regional Education Board. (SREB), 2013 Washington Literacy Council, 2012 National Center on Education and the Economy, 2012
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