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No description

Rebecca Francis

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Christmas


Even though only 7% of the whole population of sri lanka is only christians, the history of the first Christmas in Sri Lanka started when the Portuguese ruled the country from 1550 to 1650. After 1650, the dutch ruled Sri Lanka from 1658 to 1796, then followed by the british who ruled sri lanka from 1814 to 1948. As the Christmas day is near by, the Sri Lankan people must show peace to all enthnic groups in Sri Lanka. The Christmas spirit and enthusiasm spreads throughout shopping centers, streets, homes, and even schools with Christmas decorations such as lights, ornaments, and Christmas trees.

In Sri Lanka, we prepare for Christmas one month before Christmas day. Before Christmas, we start decorating our houses with lights, setting up a Christmas play, buying new clothes, and preparing for the BIG festival. The festival begins on December 1st in the evening with fire crackers lighting up the streets, loud music, and our cultural dances. This time of year, most christian families would go to church, and would be counting down to Christmas. on Christmas eve we add the tree topper which is an angel, or a star by the man of the house. Another thing we do on Christmas eve would be that families would attend midnight mass and would come home and have a big feast with close friends and relatives. During Christmas eve, we make special sweets such as fruit cake,cookies and biscuits. Finally on Christmas day, we would go to our grandparents house and would pray and have a close get together.
The types of food that Sri Lankan people would eat around the Christmas season would be appam, murukku, and furit cake. An appam is like a pancake that is popular in south India. In Sri Lanka, you can find apams in almost every food cart out on the streets! The two main ingredients in this pancake recipe is rice batter and coconut milk. Murukku is a crunchy snack that originated in the Tamil state. This snack is basically made from rice flour. Finally the dessert that everyone loves in Sri Lanka is fruit cake! Fruit cake is a dessert that almost everyone makes in sri lanka. when we make this we would always give half the cake to relatives, and close friends!
In Sri Lanka, we do go Christmas caroling. we go caroling during different festivals such as the Christmas festival that's on the first of December. People also go caroling when its Christmas eve during the evening or some people would go on Christmas day! Another place where people go caroling would be front of churches during mid-night mass on the 24Th of December. Most people that goes caroling would get money back and would split it among others or they would give all the money they got from caroling to different charities.
During the holidays, my family and i do plenty of things such as going to church, making cookies, cake, buying a real christmas tree, putting up Christmas decorations, and many more. During the holiday season, my dad and i would start bringing up the Christmas lights to decorate our house. When its the first week of December, my parents and i would go out and would buy a real Christmas tree. when its December, my sister and i would make chocolate chip cookies that tastes amazing. Another thing we bake during Christmas time would be fruit cake. Making fruit cake is like a tradition we do every year. We would make 2 batches of cake. one for us and one for family and friends. when its Christmas eve, my family and i would go to mass at either 8 or 9 o'clock pm. After mass, we would spend the whole night looking at old Christmas pictures, videos, and spending time with one another. Then when the clock reaches 12 o'clock, we would do a quick prayer as a family. Finally the one thing that everyone was waiting for is the gifts. We open our Christmas gifts when its 12am on the 25th of December. This is what my family and i do when its Christmas.
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By: Rebecca Francis
A star and a statue/ picture of baby Jesus are only the two symbols that represent Christmas. The star represents the sky and the baby jesus in a manger represents the day jesus was born and what Christmas is really about.
to my
small video clip...enjoy
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